Skywatch Friday – Close to Home

The skies from our driveway a few days ago. Just a little bit of snow remained.

A family down the street made a snow family. It is all melted now but I thought it was cool then.

Big treat, warm day and we went to Trader Joes!! I stocked up on my favorite snacks.

I took son to an offbrand video game store. I noticed this sign board off to the side. It looks like a relic from an earlier time. I love mysteries.

Heather and I went to the Philbrook Museum of Art. They had a special exhibit on the “The Transcendental Painting Group” a group of artists in the 1930’s in New Mexico. Pure art, no relation to the world at all but this looks like a sky to me. What about you?

Tulsa Driller

This is from March 2016. A photo I took of the Tulsa Driller at the Tulsa Fairgrounds.


I am now addicted to online jigsaw puzzles on my ipad. When you finish, the make a great picture.

What have you been up to? I am linking with Skywatch Friday. Come check us out!!

16 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Close to Home

  1. A ShutterBug Explores

    Great sky blue shot ‘close to home’ and snow family is such fun ~ Glad you got some snacks at Trader Joe’s and son got video games?

    Me? I read, walk, photography, write haiku, paint a little ~ go to lunch with friends when it is advisable and safe ~ belong to Mystery Book Club and a Knitting clue ~ Angel and I like our daily walks ~ we got rained on today ~ sigh ~ Glad it wasn’t snow!

    Wishing you lots of laughter in you days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Vicki

    Love the sky and snow, sad it’s melting!
    The snow family sure has a lot of kids 🙂
    I love Trader Joe’s, the nearest one is an hour away 🙁
    That’s interesting! What is that in the tree? Looks like paper towels.
    Looks like a sky to me too!
    Wow, that man is tall!!
    I love that puzzle! I may try some on my iPad!

  3. Nancy Chan

    Lovely blue sky with less snow. A snow family is better and more fun than a lone snowman. Whenever I have time to spare, I also enjoy playing jigsaw puzzles on my hand phone.

  4. Einari Sinappi

    The Tulsa Driller is huge. Nice one. You seem to have weather that we Finns have at the end of April. I took my hird shot yesterday. I so wish this would be the end of it but remins to be seen. Thank you for hosting!

  5. Alana

    Interesting snow/leaf (?) family, and that painting – looks to me like a futuristic spaceship getting ready to head to a star. I never knew about online jigsaw puzzles but I looked briefly and I guess I’m not surprised. As for me – making up for lost time walking, now that it has defrosted for several days. I also read and watch The People’s Court and Hot Bench, which I record on the DVR – I do enjoy some of the “judge shows”. And, of course, take sky photos. Finally, making plans to take a trip that we were originally going to take in April of 2020, down to Virginia to their Historic Gardens Week.

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