Bicycles, Bridges, and Skies


I went on a ride on Tulsa’s Riverparks trails the other day. It was hot but I had lots of water and you know when you ride you make your wind. I stopped at the Gathering Place and checked out the new pedestrian bridge under construction. It is going to be done sometime next spring. I’m looking forward to it. It has it’s own web site here.

Pedestrian Bridge-Edit

Here’s the old bridge from the other side of the river here. It was a railroad bridge up until the 60’s or so and then was later converted to pedestrian bridge. When the Gathering Place was done, the city suddenly decided the old bridge was unsafe and proceeded to tear it down. Many of us felt a little played but I’m not too upset. I think the real reason was that the low water dam just downstream was obsolete and was being replaced. I think the construction of the new dam would destabilize the old bridge. So that is why I’m okay with the new bridge plus it will tie-in better, than trying to make the old bridge work, to the Gathering Place on the east side of the river.


Also looking across the river is Tulsa Power Station. An old natural gas powered electric generating plant still in service. It hardly ever runs.


From the other side of the river looking downtown here is where I worked for years before I retired.


And of course I have to take pictures of construction equipment. This is working on the riverbed. It looks like they are putting up structures in the river. The construction site is protected by a huge cofferdam as the bridge and the new dam are built.

bridge arches niik

And about a mile upstream is one of my favorite views, looking at the arches on the 21st street bridge.


And five or six miles downstream photos of some of my fellow bicyclers. This woman has an ebike. They are pretty popular. I know people of average fitness that can go 50 or 60 miles on them. They’d be nice to have but I like something that doesn’t plug in.


And a conventional road bike. Lots of really in-shape people on the river!

And here is my bike. A hybrid type with a big soft seat and big tires. I’m looking for a smooth ride.

I’m linking to Skywatch Friday. Come join in!!

18 thoughts on “Bicycles, Bridges, and Skies

  1. Vicki

    Looks like you had a nice ride! I love the arches too, neat looking! That looks like my TREK bike, only mine is orange.

  2. Peter B.

    I live the photo from under the bridge. Nice bike! Yes, comfort would be top of mind for me. And perhaps some high-tech anti-crash mechanism, if there is such a thing!

  3. Emille@living betweentworealms

    Love your bridge capture – because it’s a mix of rustic and dreamy:) And the golden pillars – wow! In one thing I am still Dutch – bikes are for …going to work, school, grocery story, and for goodness sake, put some normal every day clothes on! NO helmet needed!!! Because everyone learns to ride a bike after the tricycle:):) I don’t know any Dutchman who does not know how to ride a bike, except for expat foreigners, of course.

  4. Ellen

    Iā€™m continually amazed at how much Tulsa provides for its citizens. Your arches pic is fascinating. Love it!

  5. Nancy Chan

    A new pedestrian bridge to replace the old bridge, that is wonderful! A great shot of the arches. Enjoy your cycling. I don’t know if I am able to stay balanced on a bicycle since I haven’t ride a bicycle for so many years.

  6. Fun60

    Love the photo of the arches. If I live in a quieter area I might be tempted to take up cycling but the heavy traffic in London makes me far too nervous.

  7. Penelope Notes

    Yeah ā€¦ at this stage of world events and life perhaps we all could do with a smoother ride. Beautiful how the arches under the bridge look medieval!

  8. Alana

    I have a thing about old bridges (I love walking across them; they have such character) but sometimes, yes, they just have to be replaced. I used to not mind the heat so much many years ago. Now, both too cold and too hot bother me. And I would need a bicycle with a lot of back support – I haven’t ridden a bicycle in many, many years. P.S. Goldilocks would find me a kindred soul.

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