Keep Your Eye on the Road and Your Hands Upon the Wheel..

Another week where I don’t have much in the way of Skywatch Photos. Amond other things I have been riding with Logan so he can get his drivers license soon. He’s doing pretty well. We’ve done lots of country roads and today we did some heavily tracked streets and soon we’ll get him on the freeway.

I stole the idea for the blog title from my cousin Patty who commented with the song lyric on facebook. I thought it was ZZ Top who sang the song. Nope, it was the Doors, Roadhouse Blues. I knew that. Or at least I used to know it when I had more brain cells. Anyway, who knew the Doors had solid driving advice?

A powerline on Turkey Mountain passing over the Monarch Waystation.

And I found cool wagon at a mall with a strange name here in Tulsa. It’s the mini-Mall. What!?

Hurricane Ian is pictured from the International Space Station
NASA Photo, click to see the terms of use.

And this is Hurricane Ian on September 26 as seen from the International Space Station. I think literally somebody shot the scene through a window with their Nikon D5. I’m thinking about all the victims from the Caribbean, including Cuba, and the Florida. Lots of destruction the past few days.

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20 thoughts on “Keep Your Eye on the Road and Your Hands Upon the Wheel..

  1. Alana

    You brought me back to the days when my son was learning to drive. His grandmother lived about three hours away and that’s how he got his highway driving practice. I ‘ve been a fan of Roadhouse Blues for years; it is good advice!

  2. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    At 16 years old, both our sons learned how to drive from a high school program. You are awesome to help your son to learn on the roads less travelled and then on the expressway. The powerline photograph is wonderful. I feel your enthusiasm and passion in this image.

  3. Peter B.

    Solid driving advice from Jim Morrison… that’s funny! But a great song that will probably be stuck in my head the rest of the day. Way to go, Logan!!

  4. Pat

    I still have this Doors album!

    Hurricane Ian was sadly very devastating….hope there won’t be more destructive ones to come.

  5. Andree

    Love video from inside a car for some reason. I do it all the time and people go to sleep. Good luck with son’s license. It’s a huge step.

  6. Ellen

    Riding in the passenger seat when your kid is learning to drive can be horrifying. Good for you getting him out there on those country roads to practice.

    Ian was a monster. I would have packed up an left the minute they said it was heading my way. Storms like that are nothing to mess around. Florida wouldn’t be my choice of places to live full time.

  7. Sallie

    We feel so fortunate to be in Oregon. Still waiting to know more about our Ft Myers “cottage.” so sad for many of our favorite places.

    Our youngest son drives us around on the scary narrow winding mountain roads in Colorado when we visit and sometimes all I can think about is “Yikes! we taught this kid to drive. Hope we did it right.” (LOL, 40 years later, he’s had plenty of time to overcome any mistakes we made!)

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