Skywatch Friday – A Presidents Day Walk in the Park

Went for a walk on Presidents Day around Tulsa’s Lafortune Park. It is a little over 3 miles around so it is perfect for a walk or a run or whatever you want to do. The trail winds around two golf courses, a tennis center, a library, a playground, and some little league baseball fields so there is a lot going on.

It has several ponds which make for great reflections when the sky is decent.

The trees near water make for great reflections.

Trees in the winter can be spectacular.


The library has a hip modern design, but it was closed. You can get their wifi in the parking lot though. They started that during covid. That was handy.


And a Bonus!!


I got a new cell phone that I am still “messing with.” I took this shot the other day in my front yard. A crescent moon, with Jupiter nearby, and Venus underneath. The moon is kind of fuzzy but I am still okay with it.

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22 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – A Presidents Day Walk in the Park

  1. Carol

    There is something so beautiful in the stark limbs and patterns of a tree in winter. Add a reflection and it’s gorgeous. Lovely park for walking and taking photos.

  2. Sallie

    I actually miss the gracefulness of winter trees. And they do make lovely lacy reflections. That is my kind of walk for sure. Three miles if you feel up to it, with lots to look at and great stopping places (especially at the library (when it is not a Federal Holiday.)

  3. Candace Uhlmeyer

    This has been another week of contrasts in McKinney–from chilly, blustery, rainy to proto-summer. Your park seems quite nice, and rather more natural than our local pond park. But you’ve inspired me to take the dog out for a hike around the adjacent nature area. Maybe I’ll get some inspiration for next week.

    Thanks for your curatorial efforts on Skywatch!

  4. Lisa

    I love winter trees, nearly black against a sky! And even more so, I love their reflections! So, I really enjoyed your shots this week.

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