Suburban Critters

Ginger and Abigail.


Here in south Tulsa we have other critters besides the domesticated kinds.

I went on a run on my usual trail which winds through a long greenbelt through the heart of  south Tulsa. Somebody decided to make the landscape more to their liking. I am guessing that they were beaver. I didn’t see the culprits.



Where there was once a small pond, the critters had made into a bigger pond by building a dam.


It didn’t take them long, I run this route every few days.

A couple days later, on another run, the fallen trees had been cleared from the path but the dam was still there. However there were other signs of critters. On my outbound leg I thought this was a muddy stick on the trail. Coming back I saw that it was the leg of a deer.



For photographs of animals from all over check out Camera Critters.

18 thoughts on “Suburban Critters

  1. Barb

    Hi Yogi,
    What a great place to find wilderness, right in the city! I also run through a greenbelt when I’m in Denver. Those beaver were busy constructing their winter “digs”… I guess that poor deer won’t be running anymore.

    Have a fun weekend with your family.

  2. Jedediah

    I hope that the beavers will be allowed to stay. Around here, there are almost none left because people killed them off. They can change a landscape pretty quickly, but so many other animals will benefit from it.

  3. storyteller

    Hmmm … something happened as I tried to publish my comment and I don’t see it here so I’ll try again. Your suburban critters are adorable with their pink collars and leashes. I love the evidence of other wildlife in your woodland photos.
    Hugs and blessings,
    My ‘critters’ are at Small Reflections

  4. bookbabie

    Yikes, doggies and beavers and coyote’s! You do live in a suburban wilderness. We had deer eating pumpkins on a neighbor’s porch recently and also have spotted coyotes in our backyard, a new critter in our suburban neighborhoods, and not a welcome one!

  5. Tulsa Gentleman

    When we have a pond in a greenbelt it creates a slice of nature for the residents to enjoy. When it attracts beaver and deer then that is a bonus. If we drive them away everybody loses. We might as well forest our green belt with plastic trees.

  6. Denise

    You have some interesting runs Yogi. Ginger and Abigail are adorable. We don’t have to go too far to see signs of beaver or deer but no coyotes, yet!

  7. Janie

    I’m impressed with your suburban wildlife. Beaver, deer and coyotes, right in the city park!
    Your doggie friends are very cute, too!

  8. Baloney

    I’m thinking bobcat. We’ve seen them out behind the house. Coyotes like littler, weaker animals like rabbits, cats and small dogs around here. I think.
    Nice leg!

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