Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving in Oklahoma was pretty  this year. I went for a run mid morning and the weather was beautiful.


Later we congregated at my Mother in Law’s (“Nana”) house for Thanksgiving Dinner.

SuperPizzaBoy. No, he didn’t get turkey pizza but I don’t think that he was disappointed.


My Dad, Gramps, down from Idaho.


Ada, from the office joined us this year.


Left to right, Nana and Sweetie getting everything ready.


We didn’t have a whole lot to eat. Of course you don’t see the side table where everything else is.


I hope that if you are somebody who celebrates Thanksgiving, that you had a good one. We certainly did.

For desert  I got pumpkin pie and a Dallas Cowboys victory over Oakland.

10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2009

  1. ♥Kathy♥

    It sure was a pretty Thanksgiving yesterday wasnt it. Looks like you all had plenty of good eats. Did Sweetie head out this morning for some Black Friday shopping?

  2. Janie

    Looks like you had a more than adequate feast, good company, and perfect weather. A Cowboy win must have been icing on the dessert, indeed.

  3. Baloney

    Beautiful table! I saw your Cowboys win! Almost saw the Aggies win too (would have been great!).
    I should have take a picture of all of our food. You wouldn’t believe it.

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