Brady District Art Crawl

Friday night the Yogi’s decided to get out and do something besides watch the old boob tube.


We went to Brady District just north of downtown Tulsa for the First Friday Art Crawl.


We saw all sorts of art in museums and galleries.


A lot of it was fun. We met a few acquaintances and chatted. It was fun.


I found some reflective stuff and I captured Sweetie and SuperPizzaBoy. I cut off my own son’s head. That is awfull!! That’s okay though, he’s at that age where he’ll grow a new one overnight. You can see me in the pic above if you can figure out where to look.

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At the Philbrook Museum’s new Brady District facility I saw my new avatar. It is a work of art and I am sure that I’m violating several laws but this is already my new facebook profile pic. Speaking of facebook, why are we not friends yet? I’m running out of people to unfriend me.


We finished up listening to a Jazz Band play some “slow burners” as they called him. The music was as happy as the musicians were. 

Great times!!

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