Signs, Signs, – Fire Danger

Fire Danger Sign - early 1960's

Anyone who drives through our National Forests will see signs similar to the above reminding us to be careful. These signs have been around a long time. This photograph was taken by my father in the early 1960’s and I scanned it from a slide that he had made. The sign was just outside Payson, Arizona on the Tonto National Forest. Dad was the Tonto District Ranger for the United States Forest Service at the time.

Signs, Signs

17 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, – Fire Danger

  1. Kara

    Oh it’s been so humid and rainy here that it’s hard to imagine a fire hazard. But, the grass is brown in some spots because of the very high temps! Today there’s a nice cool breeze blowing and it’s very nice.

  2. DeniseinVA

    Great photo your Dad took. We live in a built up area but I was very miffed to see a passenger in the car in front of us carelessly throw a lit cigarette out of the window. I suppose he thought there was no risk of fire, but there are dried up bushes nearby and with all the news of the fires out west, you think people would be more careful.

  3. Sylvia K

    What a great old sign and a terrific capture for the day! Your Dad had a good eye! There can never be too many warnings regarding the fires!!

  4. Leedslass

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it? Like father, like son.

    We’re experiencing heat of unexpected highs but receive dire warnings to take care of the elderly and young. Funny, my son hasn’t checked in on me to make sure I’m OK – good job for him, I can look after myself LOL.

  5. Pat

    That grass looks mighty brown so no wonder the fire danger is high! I’ve seen these danger signs in the past few years driving through this forest.

  6. Ellen

    I don’t think these signs have changed at all over the years. Have you seen the new Smoky the Bear commercial?

  7. Sandy Carlson

    That’s a cool sign. All we need. Your dad sure did capture a wonderful time and place. Thanks for passing these images along through your blog.

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