Home from Camp

We drove down to Texas and fetched SuperPizzaBoy from Camp.


His counselors all said that he had a good time, behaved himself, and made lots of friends.


SPB said his fellow campers in his cabin were wild and unruly. Imagine that, high school kids acting up. Never heard of that myself. You?


This was the look he rocked most of the week. He was in Texas after all. When I lived in Houston years ago my next door neighbor wore cowboy boots with his shorts all the time.

Picking up from summercamp

Sweetie, being the great “boys mom” that she is waited until SPB was in the car before she kissed him.

I think that he had a great time but was sure glad to get home. 

We’ve been traveling a lot this summer. To Texas for a convention, to Alabama for our beach vacation, Idaho for a family reunion, and then camp. I’m ready to stay around home a few days.

5 thoughts on “Home from Camp

  1. Sylvia K

    What fun pics for the day!! Thanks for sharing! I know SPB is glad to be home, but it does sound as though he had a great time! I’m sure all of you are ready to cool it for a while! It has been a busy summer and it’s not even over yet!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Leedslass

    Just how tall is SPB? He looks as though he should be caring for the counsellors rather than the other way round. Strong Sweetie waiting until SPB was under cover before kissing him, I bet she found that a long wait.

    How true the song “it’s oh so nice to go travelling, but so much nicer to stay home”. Enjoy your reunion.

  3. Ellen

    Camp is always fun, but I’m sure SPB is glad to be home. Irv and I are planning to stay home for a while too–traveling can be exhausting. I’m going to need to talk with SPB about proper cowboy boot attire. 🙂

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