Scavenger Hunt Sunday from Lace to Bling and more

Time again for Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  This week’s hunt was especially challenging.


Mask 1.jpg

Lace, lace, I’m not much of a lace photographer. I didn’t quite know what to do. I briefly considered going to my favorite sporting goods store, Victoria’s Secret, with my camera but I wasn’t really in the mood to get escorted out of the store even in the performance of my journalistic duty as a blogger.

The above is a sugar mask from the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show. You may not know it but Oklahoma is big in the sugar art world.The masks are made from sugar and are so delicate that one observer’s bumping the table with their motorized wheelchair destroyed many of the masks.


Belt Bling at Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City
Son and I went on a road trip to Oklahoma City and one of the things we did was tour the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Center where we found these belts in the gift store.


Alan Cutting Wood

Let me tell you about the relationship between me and wood. For a time our family lived in the small town of Eagar, Arizona up in the White Mountains. We heated the house with the fireplace so my brother and I got a lot of experience in hauling wood to the house, sawing it into fireplace length with a bow saw (see the photo, no chain saws for us), splitting the logs, stacking them, and then hauling a days worth from the wood stack to the front porch every day after school during heating season. So to make a long story short I am very happy with our natural gas fireplace. I don’t find the sight of real wood fires to be romantic at all!- Yes, that’s me in the photo above, probably about 1968 or so.



Bison are pretty fuzzy, we have lots of them in Oklahoma but I found this guy I found in Wyoming’s Grand Teton Nationa Park last summer.



My Father-in-law was a great guy and a small town pharmacist who passed away way before his time. He had quite a Christmas necktie collection. Nana, the world’s greatest MIL, had his ties made into quilt with the  Grinch as a centerpiece. Charles was no Grinch, he was one of the most generous men I ever knew, but he enjoyed poking stuffed shirts when they needed it. For example he displayed a prominent quote from Charles Darwin in his office^. Let me clue you in:  people in rural Oklahoma do not like Charles Darwin. Charles didn’t mean any disrespect, he just thought that Darwin had some good thoughts about responding to change.


Here is Charles with son in the pharmacy when son, SuperPizzaBoy, was just a baby. I’ll tell you that no Grandfather loved their Grandson as much as Charles loved SuperPizzaBoy. Anyway, we have the quilt hanging in our front room and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

^Darwin’s quote that Charles had on display: ““It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.””

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18 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday from Lace to Bling and more

  1. SandyCarlson

    Those are beautiful thoughts about your father-in-law. Sounds like a great man. I love the way he is holding your son.

    I remember our wood fire days. The 70s were the years of my father’s experiments in alternative fuel. We hauled more wood and shoveled more coal than I like to think about. But we ate good dinners and slept like rocks!

  2. DrillerAA09

    Love the lace. I’m still disappointed that I did not see that mask at the Sugar Arts Show.
    Something tells me you’re going to be able to work geocaching into next week’s hunt.

  3. Leedslass

    It’s the quilt that gets me! My husband loved his ties (mostly bought by me)and I found it very difficult to dispose of them when he died. Luckily No.1 son took the majority but what a wonderful way to preserve a memory.

    Love the rest of your stories but the quilt one hit home.

  4. Susan

    Great stories to accompany your pics this week. I too had a bunch of experience with wood-but as a girl had to do table setting and dishes more often. Would (wood) have preferred to be out in the wood pile.
    Super Pizza Boy is quite a nickname. What will they think of next?

  5. lessandragr

    LOL! Right, I can just see you going into Victoria Secrets snapping away at the mannequins! That’s a beautiful mask. You have a fine display of scavenger finds – especially like your beautiful quilt and your giant fuzzy!

  6. Ellen

    I don’t think anyone can truly understand the wood pile from back in those days. One more reason to appreciate being a girl. Although I do remember being home sick from school and having to keep that fire going when I was only 7 or 8 years old.

  7. Nicki

    You did a brilliant job with this week’s words – but even more engaging were the stories that went with them. Having to heat with wood takes the romance out of it – but my favorite “my favorite sporting goods store, Victoria’s Secret” – still chuckling. Thanks!

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