First Ride of the Season


Saturday was a glorious day. Sunny, cool, breezy, and dry. At All-Star Therapy Group,  Logan got to ride out across the pasture and through the woods for the first time this year. Of course I came along to document the event.


The new green of Spring is great. Everything is very lush right now right now in northeastern  Oklahoma. As one heads west it dries out quickly and there have been several big grass fires not too far away.


But on Saturday we were just enjoying the riding and walking through the pasture and woods.

When was the last time you went on a walk through the woods?

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8 thoughts on “First Ride of the Season

  1. Gaelyn

    What a great way to spend a glorious day. I haven’t ridden in decades. But I do walk through the woods on my way to work.

  2. Sylvia K

    What a perfect day for a horseback ride, a walk in the woods — just about anything! I still miss my horses!! Thanks for sharing the fun — a always!! Hope your week is going well!

  3. Janie

    What a great experience for the kids! Your woods are very lush and lovely.
    Good for Logan, learning to love both the woods and the horses.

  4. DeniseinVA

    Great post, and enjoyed seeing Logan having a good time on this ride. It’s been a few weeks since I had a walk in the woods. It’s now on my list 🙂

  5. Spare Parts and Pics

    Looks beautiful. I haven’t had a walk in the woods in quite a while. Lots of desert walks, however!! PS: As I type this, I’m watching OKC beat up on the Clippers pretty badly. Ouch!

  6. Leedslass

    Doesn’t spring greenery look beautiful?
    The last time I was in woodland was when my Maui daughter was home (September ’13). I hired a motorised scooter so I could accompany her on her runs. Fabulous for both of us:-)

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