Easter – It’s All About the Cross

Far Western Oklahoma Crosses, illuminated at night by battery powered lights charged with a solar panel.

The removable cross at the church we were attending last year.

Giant Cross looming over Interstate 35 north of Oklahoma City

Old Cemetery, Washita County, Oklahoma

Happy Easter Everybody

7 thoughts on “Easter – It’s All About the Cross

  1. Alexa T

    Paste Fericit! Happy Easter to you and the whole family with lots of joy, good health and positivity! Wonderful&sensitive post and special aspects presented!

  2. DrillerAA09

    This is a great post with some wonderful images. I have always liked seeing a cross of lilies. That last image is extremely nice. Well done Yogi.

  3. Ellen

    I love crosses and the more simple they are, the better I like them although I really like that one covered in flowers. Beautiful!

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