Camera Critters – SHHHHHH!!


You don’t want to disturb Mama.


Something about a dove just gets me, maybe it’s those big eyes? Or their gentle demeanor.

Late breaking update!!



I’m finding out that baby doves are called squabs.

Camera Critters

16 thoughts on “Camera Critters – SHHHHHH!!

  1. Denise

    Love these photos. Is she actually sitting on a nest? Mourning Doves are one of my favorite visitors. I love their gentle cooing, so peaceful and relaxing.

  2. Gaelyn

    Ah, she’s precious. Is she building a nest there?

    I found Mike’s pet doves to be very soothing. Unless I ruffled their feathers. 😉

  3. Beth Zimmerman

    How fun! Josiah has a heavy bag holder (for martial arts training) out in our yard sitting idle. There is an open pipe at the top. I realized the other day that some tiny birds had taken up residence in that pipe. Cute!

  4. Barb

    Is this at your house? How fun to watch! No eating those squabs for dinner, Yogi – some consider them a delicacy.

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