Temple at the Falls

Idaho Falls Temple on River

Situated on a pretty spot on the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho is the Mormon Church’s Idaho Falls Temple. Next to the Falls it may be the most noticeable feature of the city. It is almost pure white and has a gold statue on top.

Idaho Falls Temple HDR

Groundbreaking started in 1939 and the Temple dedicated in 1945 and is still in use. It is not open to non-members but they do have a visitor center on the grounds open to everyone. I don’t think they mind visitors checking out the beautiful flowers on the ground.

Idaho Falls Temple Moroni

An interesting feature of most, not all LDS Temples, is the Angel Moroni. Interestingly enough the suggestion to add the statue to Mormon temples came from a non-Mormon sculptor, Cyrus Dallin. Almost everything you ever wanted to know about the Angel Moroni is here. He almost always faces east. I was too lazy to walk around the temple to get a picture of the front of the statue.

7 thoughts on “Temple at the Falls

  1. christa

    Mormon temples are very impressive. I had a chance to visit one in Salt Lake City and one Maryland (right outside of Washington DC).

  2. DeniseinVA

    They are impressive places. Great photos Yogi. We pass a Mormon Temple which can be seen from the freeway on the way to Baltimore and catch the sunlight on it at a certain time of the day, it truly is a magnificent sight.

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