Saying No to an Outlet Mall on Turkey Mountain

There is big news here in Tulsa, Simon Property Group wants to build an “Upscale Outlet Mall” here. That is just great. We need economic development and jobs and investment and all that good stuff. I just have one problem with the concept.


They want to build it on Turkey Mountain right near the Turkey Mountain Wilderness Park. The outlet mall is going to be huge, covering 53 acres. Simon Properties Woodland Hills Mall is a little over 60 acres. As near as I can tell the spot where I took the photo above would be inside the outlet mall.


It is going to ruin a lot of things about Turkey Mountain. The one place in Tulsa where one can get away from it all.


Turkey Mountain is home to a lot of critters, Everything from snakes, turtles, and deer to…

Rock City Collage 3

…┬áthousands of people: geocachers (above), hikers, runners, bicyclist, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and just people wanting to go get their heads clear.


This is the wrong place to build an outlet mall. There are other places in the city where it wouldn’t have such a drastic effect.

Turkey Mountain city Map

I know that it is private property and I’m all for property rights as anyone else but not when it has such a drastic effect on the adjoining property. Plus it is anticipated that Simon Properties will be demanding subsidies and special tax treatment to make their project feasible. (Why is it that giving money to starving people is welfare and giving money to multi-billion dollar companies is incentives?) I don’t know about you but I’m not really wanting to provide incentives to somebody to destroy a wilderness and pave it over.


Turkey Mountain Garmin Map


So, I will be writing to the Mayor and writing and talking to my City Councilor and contacting Simon Properties Group to see if they can make a wiser decision on locating their new Outlet Mall.

I am saying No to the Turkey Mountain site. Build in Tulsa if you wish, but do it somewhere else.

What about you? Have you ever fought City Hall on anything?

3 thoughts on “Saying No to an Outlet Mall on Turkey Mountain

  1. DeniseinVA

    If ever something like this came up you would find me down at the Mayor’s Office. I hope you can get them to go elsewhere. We lose enough of our precious land and all that it would entail to heavy development. Good luck, I hope you can do something. Disney wanted to build a theme park 20 miles away several years ago which would have done the same thing. The people in that area got together and made such a noise that they stopped it. Hopefully you can do the same.

  2. Anne Paley

    Turkey Mountain looks too beautiful to build a mall on. Aren’t there places that would benefit from a refurbishment in Tulsa? Some people get the weirdest notions re. what is a good idea.

    Good luck with your campaigning Yogi.

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