Friday Night Lights – Oklahoma High School Football – Go Team Go!!


As I’ve posted earlier Logan has moved over to another school. Things are going well and he has had to step up his game quite a bit but he has started settling in. Tonight we went to the school for its first football game of the season and to attend a tailgate party with the Head of School and tour the new weight room.


Logan is not a football player but we were seriously impressed with the new weight room. Seriously, a lot of equipment.


Things have certainly changed since I was in high school. And seriously, I am so glad!!


When I went to school, way back before the dark ages even started, there were no sponsors for the schools.


I love the slogan “In Jesus Name we Play”


Well, we ate our burgers and listened to speeches and then it was time to head out to the football field. The school has lots and lots of cheerleaders. I think that is a good thing. Maximum participation is my thing. You know when I was their age I thought the cheerleaders were so exotic and beautiful. Now they seem so young! Heather says that is because I am so old. She has a way of reality checking me. One thing that is the same is that cheerleaders really get into what they are doing. I think it is good for young people to get into what they are doing. Matter of fact, that is good for everybody!! Don’t ya think?


I like taking pics of people taking pics even if my pic is a fuzzy pic.


Whoa, what is that! It is a drone. These kind of drones have cameras instead of Hellfire missiles. Which makes it my kind of drone. I instantly updated my Christmas list right then and there at the game. Heather tore up the list.




And then the game started. I love football. It has been 43 years since I last attended at high school football game at good old Round Valley High School in Eagar, Arizona. I don’t know why those guys on the sidelines are hugging each other.


Logan’s school was playing a home schooled team. That is something else you never used to see. They played danged hard. I love watching a good game and there was lots for both teams to feel good about.

We left at half time. Bleachers have not gotten softer in 43 years but I have. We’ll be back.

New Stuff

I found a drone on Amazon for about $50. Check it out.

Here is a video of it in action.

Here is an example of the video from the $50 drone

8 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights – Oklahoma High School Football – Go Team Go!!

  1. Anne Paley

    What an amazing school. I don’t think we have gymnasiums like you’ve shown unless, perhaps, in private schools. I wouldn’t know about those as I only ever went to state schools.

    It’s a huge environmental change for Logan – I do hope he settles in and thoroughly enjoys this important part of his life. I always think education can be a bigger challenge for parents than for offspring.

    1. Birdman

      High schools have changed in so many ways since we walked the halls. Soooo many choices, in sooooo manny different areas. That’s a very good thing.

  2. DrillerAA

    Yep, everything has changed about high school football, except the excitement. We went to the local high school game last night and had a great time. All of the same things that were at your game were at ours, including the drone. Man, that thing gets around. It looks like a great way to get some really unique photos or videos.

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