Eureka Springs Getaway


Heather and I just got back from Eureka Springs. We went there this past weekend to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.  We made the most of it.

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We ate at some great restaurants.


We went hiking along a beautiful blue quiet lake.


We were  awed and inspired at the Thorncrown Chapel.


We visited the Blue Spring at Eureka Gardens


We got some people watching done.


And we stayed a romantic getaway.

We had a great time. We always do!! Have you had a getaway lately?

8 thoughts on “Eureka Springs Getaway

  1. sylviakirk

    Happy, Happy Anniversary to you both!! I’m so glad you had a wonderful getaway and what a great place!! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!! I’m very happy for you and may you have many more years together!!

  2. DrillerAA

    We celebrated several of our wedding anniversaries at various bed and breakfasts in Eureka, years ago. We will be spending a week-end in Branson in November. Very soon, we’re going to see the grand daughter at college.

  3. Beth

    the hubby & i enjoyed our visit to Eureka Springs – such a gorgeous area!! thought you might like to know i have been sharing old cars & old gas pumps … you might enjoy them … stop by soon. have a great week. ( :

  4. Ellen

    Looks like a beautiful place and a fun time! I’ve never been to Eureka Springs, but it looks like a great destination. Glad you know how to treat Heather right after 25 years. Congrats!

  5. Anne Paley

    With daughter being home I’ve been out and about much, much more than normal and it’s been wonderful
    For my 80th I’m having a couple of days away in Whitby, home of Captain James Cook the explorer. That will be chilly as November in England is usually foggy and misty. The mere thought makes me go brrrrr.

    Glad you’ve both had a lovely break.

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