From Bras to Blahs to Brews


Well this week has gone from one extreme to another. Monday night Heather and I went to see a pretty darn wild Katy Perry concert. She is a great entertainer and a speed dresser. What do you think of the happy faces?


And then today it was cloudy and over cast and just plain blah. During blah days I just go with it and use the Hipstamatic App on my Ipod Touch. It makes the pics all kind of grainy and low-fi but it kind of fits my mood.


Plus I get annoyed at all the dummies parking at the Mayo Hotel. Does anybody know how to pull up to the curb any more Culligan man?  I like to hang out and watch everybody piling into the hotel for their weekends in the city.

I call this #sculpture Rulsa's salute to #exoticdancers because I have no idea what is.  #art #publicart #downtowntulsa #igersok #igerstulsa

While I talk about being annoyed, I never have figured out this sculpture.  I’ll tell you what it is. The city fathers of Tulsa decided to put up a sculpture in honor of the exotic dancers of Tulsa. I mean the city fathers needed some way to kill time after work so they wouldn’t have to help out with their kids homework and all and watching the dancers on stage is better than talking to each other so they decided to honor the ladies with this nice sculpture. That’s my feeling and you don’t want to invalidate my feelings do you? That wouldn’t be nice. Besides that I’m thinking about becoming a tea party member. The beautiful thing about being a tea partier is that you can have strong opinions based on your feelings and nothing else. Kind of like most people who are very partisian in their politics. But hey, I’m getting off topic. Not that this post has a topic.


Life is not all doom and gloom though. Not by a long shot. My happy place on Friday afternoons is the Praire Artisian Ales Taproom out on west 49th street in west Tulsa. You know out beyond the refineries and the tank farms and welding shops and drilling tool manufacturers and wrecker yards. They make beer the old school way out there. One barrel at a time. It is good stuff! They are open to the public from 4 pm to 8 pm only on Wednesday and Friday. There are no signs out there. The first time I went I drove by it three times before I drove in and asked somebody in the parking lot who pointed me to a nondescript, unmarked door.

#praireartisianales #brewery #westtulsa #beer #taproom #tulsa  #igersok #igerstulsa

They can only sell 3.2 beer there but it is pretty good. You can get a glass of it or a pitcher or a 64 ounce growler filled up right from tap. Talk about a kid in a candy store. Presently they have a stout, and a sour beer made with lime and salt, and an ale. They are all very good.  So today I got a growler of the ale and a glass of the sour beer and sipped on it out in the parking lot watching the crowd come in for their weekly fix. Guys in suits in ties and refinery maintenance contractors still in their fire retardant work clothes, and everybody in between.

Anyways, the day ended a lot better than it began.

How about you, how is your day going?

9 thoughts on “From Bras to Blahs to Brews

  1. sylviakirk

    Oh, you do know how to make my day — even when it was a pretty good one to begin with!! You are a hoot and I’m laughing so hard!! Thanks for a fun close to the week!! I’m ready for one hell of a weekend now for sure! Have fun!!

  2. Anne Paley

    I’m of that age where my bras should be worn and not seen!!! Fun post – my husband would have loved that brewery,

  3. Beth

    i want one of those caterpillar vehicle .. think of all you could & would get done. decorate the house, make your friends laugh – make people move out of your path??! ( :

  4. Jenn Jilks

    Yes, Katy knows how to speed change.
    My pet peeve are double parkers, too!
    Your photography fun is quite entertaining, not to mention taking shots at the politicians! You have a way to summing them up!

  5. Christina

    Great photos from the concert, btw! Sometimes I enjoy a rainy, gloomy day, especially thunderstorms. I haven’t seen that sculpture. I need to get out and about Tulsa more often! Beer, not so much, it all tastes the same to me, and I don’t care for it. I enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    It sure is easier on gray days to let small annoyances get to you! Which is why we hope to head for Florida before it gets too gray here in Oregon (I am too old to deal with small annoyances on an everyday basis).

    So you needed the Katy concert on a gray day to cheer you up. I’m pretty sure I could repeat exactly the comment (or whisper or thought) that flew around the concert hall when she appeared in that happy happy bra!

    I think the Tea Party has gained its foothold for exactly the reason you say — an awful lot of people like having a straight and narrow path to walk without having to make any decisions. Makes life easier when there aren’t any gray areas or anything you have to read or think about. Or God forbid any changes to accept. (Didn’t somebody write a book about all that once or twice?;>)

  7. Barb

    Well, who wouldn’t love that title! I even like the smiley faces – on her… I’m not sure about the beer though – it just doesn’t sound good to me. But, if it got you out of the blah’s, I say go for it.

  8. Janie of Utah

    I love Kate Perry’s “Roar”. The smiley faces are interesting, especially in their placement. You might not fit in too well with the tea partiers. I know I wouldn’t.

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