Boys Day Out – Wizard World’s Comic Con 2014

Logan and I,  along with extra chin at #comicontulsa #comicon #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok

Big excitement this past week in Tulsa. Wizard World brought their Pop Culture Convention to Tulsa, 2014 Comic Con Tulsa, for the first time ever. I didn’t know exactly what it was and neither did Logan but I bought us tickets anyway. We had to go check it out. It was a good thing that we bought them several weeks in advance because the Saturday single day tickets sold out.


So what is Comic Con. Welllllllll, it is about a certain segment of pop culture having to do with super hero movies, comic books, and art and books having to do with that certain segment of culture. Fans show up in costumes portraying their favorite characters. I didn’t know hardly any of them. Except for like Mario and Luigi, Freddy Krueger, and others. Basically super heroes, and super villains and a sprinkling of cartoon characters. Logan was my guide, he knew who everybody was supposed to be.


There were also booths were you get autographs, for a price, of actors and authors. Again, I didn’t know who any of them were except for William Shatner. And unsurprisingly Logan knew most of them. What a drag attending Comic Con with old Dad uh?


There was a fantastic array of merchandise of all prices between sold. Everything from art work and books to costumes to weapons (costume weapons).


We had a good time and are planning to go again next year. They are already selling tickets!

Check out the Tulsa World on Comic Con Tulsa

4 thoughts on “Boys Day Out – Wizard World’s Comic Con 2014

  1. sylviakirk

    Oh, Logan looks SO much like his Dad!! And what fun the two of you have!! Thank you for sharing, you did make my evening!! Thanks for the smiles and giggles, always make a day/night the very best!!

  2. DeniseinVA

    What fun! We know all about ComicCon in this house. Our son and his wife go to the one in San Diego every year. In fact he already has his tickets for next year. We waited with baited breath as he was on the computer last Saturday trying to pick up their tickets as they went on sale. It is quite a big deal as thousands and thousands of people were doing that, but they managed to score again. I am not surprised the tickets were sold out in Tulsa. I am going to give my son this link. I know he will enjoy your post. Your photos are great and it was lovely to see you and Logan in that first picture and to see the big smile on his face in the last. That must have been a great day out for you both.

  3. Ellen

    Seems like these Comic Cons are popping up everywhere. I know Denver has one too. Good thing you had a knowledgeable guide. I wouldn’t know anything about that stuff either. Maybe I’ll have to go to one with Shiloh some day.

  4. Gaelyn

    Guess I have heard of ComicCon but never been. Was Superman or Mighty Mouse there? The only ones I’d know for sure. Going with Logan was probably the best idea, and a fun outing for you both. And now you have plenty of time to decide who you’ll dress as next year.

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