Eric Baker’s “Oklahoma Autumn” at Philbrook

Philbrook Redbud Tree

This is a Topaz Labs Impressions modified photograph of part of Eric Baker’s “Oklahoma Autumn” installation” at Philbrook Museum of Art‘s Gardens. It is made of steel, agate, and kiln fired glass and is absolutely beautiful and I always have to go check it out whenever I visit the museum. I used Topaz’s Impressions to give “swirly” the photo a little bit.

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11 thoughts on “Eric Baker’s “Oklahoma Autumn” at Philbrook

  1. DrillerAA

    Very nicely done. I have PhotoShop Elements 13 on order. I’ll be interested to see what new effects will be available in the new version. Of course, I still haven’t learned everything in version 12…or 11 for that matter.

  2. Andrea @ From The Sol

    The simplicity of this piece is marvelous … I understand why you would be drawn to it. Your little swirling adds enough interest without taking away from the original art. Very nice, Alan …

    Andrea @ FRom The Sol

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