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Woolaroc Sky Tree - Paint Shop

Over Thanksgiving my brother Bob came up from Corpus Christi and so he, Logan, and I went to Woolaroc for an afternoon. Woolaroc is oilman Frank Phillips old ranch and private museum up in Pioneer Woman country of Osage County. Woolaroc is a throwback to the 1920″s with rock buildings and barns and old craggy trees like the one above. I can’t get enough of it. This old tree is growing up right by the museum.

And…. in a totally non-related matter….

Best Christmas Pageant Ever Poster

Logan auditioned for and got a small part in Clark Theater’s “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” He, and the rest of the cast and crew have been working hard in rehearsals and their debut is Thursday. We are very excited for him. There is a bunch of family coming to see the production on Saturday and Heather and I will be seeing lots of the play in the coming week and a half. The production is almost all sold out. We are very glad to see this. The city almost succeeded in shutting the theater down but we got one more year and then we’ll see next year.

Heather and Logan #mother #son #protest #rally at #tulsa #cityhall keep #clarktheateropen

Here is Heather and Logan at city hall. Just goes to show that sometimes you can win fighting city hall.

So have you ever been on a protest at City Hall?

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18 thoughts on “Timeless Sky

  1. EG CameraGirl

    Yep, it’s a grand tree and I like the light you took it in, which adds a spooky drama – at least that’s how I see it.

    Congrats to Logan for getting a part in the play. I hope this year’s success convinces the town to keep this project going.

  2. DeniseinVA

    Congratulations for getting a part in the play Logan. I wish I lived closer, I would come to it. How wonderful that the theater will be open for one more year. I remember that photo outside city hall. Way to go Heather and Logan! Great photo of the tree and how nice your brother visited for Thanksgiving.

  3. Hootin' Anni

    Beautiful tree indeed.
    I just skimmed over your most recent blog posts to catch up….I missed the longhorns? Anyway, loved the fact that the theater remains in operation, the beautiful Autumn foliage [his shirt color matches the leaves!!] And the one post makes me want to break out into song…Where the Deer and the Antelope play…but in this case it’s deer and buffalo roam!!

  4. Birdman

    Wow! I can see how one would be drawn to this place. Fine image of this fading tree in the sun. That is a great seasonal production. Break a leg, Logan!

  5. sylviakirk

    Oh, a fantastic capture for the day and what a beautiful tree!! I’m so excited and happy for Logan!!! What a great way to start the Christmas season!! Congratulations!! I do hope the project continues!!!

  6. Gaelyn

    So cool for Logan. Maybe this production will also increase awareness that the Clark Theater should not be closed down. I won’t be there but look forward to your posts and photos.

  7. Barb

    I won’t tell Logan to “break a leg” but I will tell him to have fun and be sure to smile that great smile of his. I haven’t really stormed City Hall, but I have written letters sometimes that have proved effective. That tree is very majestic – I like how you’ve showcased it.

  8. Hazel

    Oh, the joys of the season! Reminds of those childhood Christmases. Congratulations to Logan. Now the protest …I’ve never been on one; with the word “Arts” there I think that’s quite interesting.

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