Instagram Love

I’m addicted to Instagram. I like creating and uploading pictures and I like looking at photographs of the people I follow. It is crazy the number of photos out there. Every once in a while a company will repost a picture of mine. (After asking permission of course.) That is great because they typically have a lot more followers than I do and the pics get more recognition. Below are two such examples.

Instagram - Quik Trip

Quik Trip is a Tulsa based convenience store chain that IMHO beats the crap out of any other convenience store I have ever seen. One rainy morning I was filling my car with gas and thought that the store with the wet parking lot and ominous clouds might make a decent pic. It did and I got a few dozen “likes” (Likes are like crack to us Instagram addicts). Quik Trip asked permission a couple months later to repost it and it got a pretty good response.

Instagram - NewsOK

This pic is kind of grainy. I was downtown yesterday morning and noticed that the colored drunk-driver-proof fountain and the blue Christmas lights make a decent pic. So I went up there and tried to get an interesting pic somehow. These guys came walking by headed off I think to the Iron Gate ministry to get some breakfast and I took a pic of them walking by the fountain and then cropped it close. (That is why it is so grainy.  NewsOK, the online arm of the Daily Oklahoman reposted the pic

I have about two thousand pics on Instagram, some good, many bad, and a whole bunch in the muddling middle. I find it a lot of fun.

7 thoughts on “Instagram Love

  1. apaley

    I always knew you would be famous one day. I love your photographs (apart from cars).
    Compliments of the season to you and yours.

  2. Barb

    I’ve never understood Instagram. However, I always like your creative photos. I came by to wish you, Heather, and Logan a very Merry Christmas. Bob and I will be in Denver over Christmas, visiting with family.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    You deserve recognition…. I don’t know anything about Instagram or Twitter. Sometimes I think I should get with it. But then I remember that I can do Facebook and e-mail and Blog and words with friends. And I almost have my telephone figured out. And I remember that I am a great-grandmother who moves slower these days and I remember that I have to leave an hour or two in the day to actually live!

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