Happy Birthday Mom


It’s my mother’s birthday. She has been gone for while but I think about her every day. Above is Mom with my brother Bob and me at the Ranger Station in Coyote, New Mexico. Once a month or so we would dress up and load up and head out of the mountains and into Santa Fe for church. Notice my brother Bob rocking the high waisted jeans and my bald head whiting out the whole pic.


I think that is my sister, Ellen in this picture. Mom loved children. ┬áNotice the mountain in the background. She always said she would never live anywhere where she couldn’t see the mountains. She was a true Forest Ranger’s wife.


Here she is with Logan in Idaho. They both seem pretty happy with each other.


Mom, the smallest, was part of a huge family. When Dad retired they moved back to Mom’s native Idaho where many of her brothers and sisters lived. She loved getting together with them, and their many kids and grand-kids.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    A lovely tribute post — I can tell she was a special lady. Funny about mountains — we had always lived where we could see them until we started traveling full time. Now that we spend half the year or so in Florida I am used to not and don’t think about it most days — but as soon as we hit Colorado or Oregon or wherever we see the first ones on our way back I wonder how I lived so long without them.

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