Christmas Light Tour


The family likes to check out Christmas lights and we haven’t been able to do so for various reasons so Sunday night we made our inaugural tour. Starting of course with our house.


Next up was the Rhema Bible Training College in nearby Broken Arrow. (No, they don’t train Bibles silly). Rhema has approximately one gazillion lights and is the most spectacular display  that I know about in Tulsa. It is best appreciated if you get out of your car and walk around. That was out for us because it was cold and misty and the kid is acting kind of like he is coming down with something. And you know how it is. Whatever you do don’t get the kid sick. That will last until he is about 72 or 73. I forget which. Anyway, if you only want to go to one place in the Tulsa area for Christmas lights, go to Rhema. Just don’t let your kids get sick.


And they have a sense of humor. I love this sign. I think it is the eleventh commandment. At least in Broken Arrow. You know how those people in Broken Arrow are.


And we always have to check out the lights in front of their auditorium. The other thing we always have to do is tell Logan stuff like, “Remember when you were a baby and all we wanted to do was go check out the Christmas lights, and OH NOOOOO, that wasn’t going to happen. You spent the whole time bawling and crying.” Of course we now have a new tradition, talking about it. If we don’t bring it up, he asks about it.


And then we left Rhema and checked out another house in Broken Arrow. They have a toy drive associated with the display. Very cool. If I were a decent blogger I would have the address to this house. LIke I said, if I were a decent blogger.


And then to Bixby, another ‘burb of Tulsa to find an animated display. While driving around we spotted this house. I love its simple but nice lighting scheme.

Ah, here we are. Animated strangeness. I loved it though although not much about it is Christmassy.  Traffic got jammed up. We sat through three numbers and had to twist and turn in the neighborhood to get out. I love it when people stop in middle of a street to gawk at stuff. I mean, I don’t mind if I do it, I just don’t want others to do it.

So, have you gone out and looked at Christmas Lights yet?

9 thoughts on “Christmas Light Tour

  1. Jeanie

    Those are some amazing light displays. I think I liked the one in Bixby the best. What a fun family tradition.

  2. DrillerAA

    We took a Christmas light drive through Bentonville the other night. It was an enjoyable time. There is a cul-de-sac at 35th and Yale where all of the houses used to decorate for Christmas. I don’t know if they still do that or not. Also there is a neighborhood around 34th between Harvard & Lewis that had some beautiful light displays. The homes are set around a small lake. Merry Christmas Yogi.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Too fun! And wow those are great displays. We always did that with our kids on Christmas Eve because it tired them out enough that in spite of being keyed up they would sleep a little (while Santa Claus put together all those toys and filled all those stockings). The trouble always was that Mrs Santa was tired and cranky by then as well.

  4. Gaelyn

    Sure is brilliant. Haven’t seen any Christmas lights out here in the desert. Maybe that’s because we aren’t hooked up to power. Thank you for sharing your neighborhood.

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