The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightly

Heather and I went to see The Imitation Game. It is about a British mathematician, Alan Turing, and his participation during World War II of cracking the German Enigma Code which helped shorten the war. It is also about his being gay during a time of persecution of gays in Britain. ┬áThe movie also flirts with him having Asperger’s Syndrome. The movie interweaves three different time periods quite well. His life at a boarding school and his persecution by his fellow students for being different. Second his work and life during the war while he was working on deciphering Enigma, and finally the early 1950’s when he was being investigated and put on trial for Indecency.

The movie is really, really good and suitable for a date movie. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role well, showing lots of inner turmoil. Keira Knightly plays his pretty, and open minded, and brilliant coworker. She is all the cuter for having less than perfect teeth is what I thought. Plus, don’t make her mad as she can really slap somebody hard. She must have taken golf lessons. You know where you learn to “Swing through the target.”

I’m not going to give the movie away or even review. I’m just saying it is a great movie.

Check out the web site for the Imitation Game. Lots of good stuff there. You can crack codes so we can so how smart you are.

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