Sunlit Sunday – Out on a Ride

Saturday the weather was glorious. Nice and sunny with a steady cool breeze. It was  perfect weather for a horseback ride at All-star Therapy Group north of Tulsa near the little town of Ramona.


Cisco even posed for a picture and Logan had big smiles. I love the shadows in this ic also.

Logan and Russ at All Star

Logan and Cisco, closely attended to by Russ went on a ride across the pasture and through the woods.


And then we headed back to the barn under a big blue Oklahoma winter sky. A great day for a ride. At least for Logan, Russ and I had to hustle to keep up with Logan and Cisco. Logan did a good job keeping his horse under control though.

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16 thoughts on “Sunlit Sunday – Out on a Ride

  1. sylviakirk

    Oh, it does look like a great day for all of you — including the horse!! Wonderful!! We’re having unbelievably warm, beautiful days for February???? But I’m surely not complaining!! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!! Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend!!

  2. Poppy

    It must be wonderfully calming as well as revitalizing to wander through the woods and into the pasture on a glorious sunlit day.

    Visiting via Sunlit Sunday,

  3. Pamela Gordon

    It looks like a beautiful day for a horseback ride or walk. The sky is so blue! Thanks for visiting. Our power stayed on during the blizzard, thankfully. Another foot of snow added to our landscape.

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