Running and Geocaching along the Turnpike


Yesterday evening I didn’t make it out to Turkey Mountain after work to run with the TATUR group. I was on the wrong side of town you see because it is almost tax time and I had to go pick up the return and see how much extra damage I was having to pay over and above what we’ve already paid.


You see I just get totally confused on who to vote for because well you know Obama likes to give my money to his friends, the poor people and almost all Republicans like to give my money to their friends, the rick people. Now Hillary, she’s different, she doesn’t have any friends so she’ll just keep my money. Stuff like that makes life a lot simpler is what I say. Besides if she gets elected she’ll have to buy a new email server. I think a President who can set up their own server is pretty cool. What do you think.


Well, I’m sorry I hadn’t even begun my post and I’m already off topic, way off topic. So since I couldn’t make it in time to run Turkey Mountain I went to Tulsa’s Hunter Park and started off trying to find a few caches there and then since it is connected to the Creek Turnpike trail I took off on that trying to find a few. I think I looked for about a half dozen or so and found about two.


I am not very good about finding micro caches and some of these hides are pretty darn clever. I have come to terms with myself about not finding many of the clever hides. The point is getting out and about and trying.

So I had a pretty good run. If you click on the thingy above and get it going you can see how I was searching in places and then moving on. At the end I forgot tot turn off my watch so that is what the last mile or so is fast.

fitbit screenshot

Do you have fitbit? One of those little devices that tracks your steps. This is my fitbit reading for yesterday. I got in about 15,000 steps which is over seven miles. You can see that I have a pretty sedentary job and then I go walking at lunch and then how I got moving once I got out caching and then how slow I was when I got home and plopped myself down in front of the television.

What about you? What was your big adventure yesterday (or whenever?)

9 thoughts on “Running and Geocaching along the Turnpike

  1. EG CameraGirl

    I think geocaching helps you stay fit mentally and physically so it’s very good for you. Yesterday, my husband and I went birding. I did walk quite a bit but probably not 7 miles.

  2. Birdman

    Oh boy! A lot here.
    *First that last shot looks to have been left behind by Christo. Very well wrapped.
    * Do I have a fitbit? Hey, I know when I’m not sleeping. I would keep me up at night!
    *Adventure? Does painting 2 rooms count?

  3. Driller's Place

    Having Hillary back in the White House, and in charge this time, is the scariest thing I can possibly think of. We only thought Obama was arrogant and used the executive order to get his way. Okay, back on topic, I don’t think i’s the blue shoes that slow you down on your runs. I think it’s the picture taking, geocaching and stops at the beer tent that put you near the back of the pack. Still, like you said, it’s the adventure that counts, not where you place.

  4. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

    I need to get a FitBit to encourage me to walk more. I was much more active when I lived in New York. Even with all the trails and open land here my days are spent caring for grandchildren and that ends up being pretty sedentary.

    I try to stay away from politics. It’s a thankless job with so much partisanship going on in Congress. No matter who wins instead of working together for the greater good they work against each other — so tiresome! I guess it has been going on since the beginning of time, as Thomas Jefferson supposedly called George Washington “senile” and a “traitor.” I would very much like to see a woman President one day, however. I’m not sure Hillary is the one, but hopefully our country will elect a qualified woman one day!

  5. Ellen

    I think it’s awesome that you have green leaves on the trees and green grass already. Any adventure where there is green has to be great. I don’t have any adventures Monday thru Friday, I save all my adventures for the weekend. I am totally in awe of the Clintons and the fact that they house an Exchange server at their house, but that might be because I’m an IT geek who knows the work and maintenance that goes along with housing your own email server.

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