Studio Recital – Logan Sings “The Pirate King”

Logan has been taking voice lessons for some time and the studio where he takes them has recitals every now and then and it is pretty cool. They start with the youngest and move to the oldest. All the kids are dressed up and groomed by their mothers and wear their best clothes. The parents and siblings and maybe grandparents are there with cameras at the ready. It is a great thing to see. It moves pretty quickly especially at first as the songs that are sung or music that is played by the smalls is pretty short and gets longer and more complex as the kids get older. I feel for some of the kids who are scared to death up there and love the few who not only love their time in the spotlight but have spent some time and effort to not only perform their art but sell it also. One young lady sang a broadway tune with not only her voice but with everything she had, facial expressions, body language, gestures, and appeared to enjoy every second of it. She was a hit. A couple of the young gentlemen playing the piano were very accomplished and a a delight to hear.

Our son was one of those dressed and groomed by his mother. He sang “The Pirate King” from the Pirates of Penzance.

And I was like, “Where did that voice come from?” I knew that he had a good voice but this is like really deep. I guess that he continues to grow up.

I never did a recital. I couldn’t do a recital, neither did my brother. My sister and fellow blogger Ellen was a tap dancer and I went to a few of her recitals. She danced well. She should, she practiced a lot. I still remember her record: “Shuffle ball chain, shuffle ball chain, heel toe, heel toe, heel toe, step.” She could also sing. I think she was in the choir in high school. At least someone in the family could sing and dance!

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  1. Marie-AZ

    You have a very talented son, Yogi. He looked very comfortable up there in front of all those people! I enjoyed also visiting your sister’s blog.

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