Church Camp 2011 – Day Two

We are having an exciting time here at Church Camp. I’m noticing a lot.


Our rooms are well stocked with all sorts of refreshments. Its a trap though. You take one of these and it will cost you your entire stay’s canteen account. They are teaching us how resist temptation here at Church Camp. That’s always something worth learning. There are also movie’s available that some would say are not appropriate. Yogi’s company frowns deeply on paying for inappropriate movies. So does Yogi’s wife. Of course, Yogi can’t figure out how to even operate the television so nobody has anything to worry about.

Another thing is that I notice a lot of the following:


Everybody backs their car into parking places! Why, because the camper’s employers require it that’s why, even Yogi’s employer. Don’t ask me why backing into a space is safer than backing a car out a space because I don’t know!!! The big black oil companies like Exxon have been doing it for years. I laughed at them. Now, I’m feeling their pain. But I’m backing my car into spaces when I’m on company business.

Oh well enough of the whining and grumbling. We went on a field trip Sunday. We didn’t go to the Zoo or on a hike or to the movies or anything like that. We went to the nearby IKEA. I always though IKEA was a store. It’s not a store, it’s a church that worships cool looking Swedish Stuff. You can buy the stuff if you want.


It is not like other stores like Walmart you walk in and waddle around here and there. Oh no, not here. They have a route that you follow with big old arrows on the floor. They route past all they have to sell from lint brushes to refrigerators.


Everything is displayed very well. Take your camera.


They had mockups of a 275 square foot house (below), and a 375 square foot house (above) furnished entirely with IKEA furniture, cabinets, appliances, and fixtures.


And then I had a revelation. That’s important at Church Camp, that’s why you go, I mean besides, to get out of somebody’s hair. Why would we want such small houses? Because all our money is going to be gone that’s why. The Democrats think the government should have all your money and the Republicans think that Bank of America should have all your money. Either way, we are looking at houses in the 275 to 375 square foot range and filling it full of Swedish knick-knacks, because that is all we are going to be able to afford! So it doesn’t matter what party is in power really.

What do you think?


Look at all these beautiful pillows. The photo is marred by all the white tags. Don’t you think the pillows would look prettier without the tags? Don’t do it!! Unless you want to end up in another camp. One that is not so much fun.

These are all well meaning citizens who took the tags off. I mean can’t they read, “Don’t Remove by Penalty of Law” it says. You can see at Church Camp we are learning to be good citizens.


Some things at IKEA are not that good an idea. Like the above. To save the space the bathroom counter is not as deep as standard and to provide storage the mirror sticks out from the wall. The result is having to look at myself from six inches away in the morning. Not a good sight. I need my space from myself sometimes. I’m not the only one who wished they had more space from me.

(Blog friends Baloney on left, Alyssa on right)


I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything. I was just amazed and dazed by the displays.


Most of my fellow shoppers were amazed and dazed also.


If you wanted furniture, you took a number and then picked it out yourself at the warehouse at the end.


Talked about stuff stacked up high!! This was it.

Later on we were going to have a social out by the pool but just as the party got going the camp shut everything down. If there is lightning within five miles they suspend all outdoor events. Texans sure have gotten more effeminate since I lived there. In Oklahoma, we don’t actually stop a party for the weather unless the weather actually shows up.

So that’s all for Church Camp Day Two folks.

13 thoughts on “Church Camp 2011 – Day Two

  1. Martha Z

    Great post, Yogi. Sounds like you are enjoying “church camp” and I’m enjoying it, too.

    I do think you’ve let the cynic inside you out and the cynic in me is right there with you.

  2. Gaelyn

    A most unusual church camp, tempting you with expensive liquor and dirty movies. Then shopping for things you probably don’t need. As far as the small living spaces, why not. It works for me living in about 300 sq. ft. Who needs all that Stuff anyway?

  3. Sylvia K

    Martha has written exactly what I was thinking, so we now have a circle of cynics! I love it! Ikea is weird and that’s why we have lots of them in the northwest — perfect match. I do love your brand of church camp! Enjoy the day!


  4. Leedslass

    I couldn’t go to church camp as I’m useless at reversing my car PLUS I hate Ikea – one needs a motorized trolley to get round.

    Hope you’re there for some time, I’m loving your story telling:-)

  5. Barb

    You can do stand up when you retire from the company, Yogi! I love this line: “I need my space from myself sometimes.” ME, too! They would be in trouble if I had to back my car into a space. I think IKEA is coming to CO – I’ve never been in a store. Makes for great photography.

  6. Janie

    Thank goodness you’re learning to be a good citizen in between trips to IKEA. I’ve never been to an IKEA. Sounds like I’ll need to get my politics straight before I go… I’ll want to know which party I should give my money to before settling on furniture for my tiny new home.

  7. GW Bill Miller

    It’s nice seeing you make the best out of a tough situation. I don’t know how Sweetie is managing without you. Wait, SPB is off to camp this week too so she has the place to herself. Like, peace and quiet. Ok, I am getting it know.

  8. dkzody

    That backing in the car to park it seems very strange to me. Another blogger was discussing beginning to see this in her part of the world–Hawaii. Someone else mentioned that driver’s training is now teaching this. I don’t get it. Backing is always dangerous. I took out a fence at school doing just that-backing into a parking space. My husband, upon being told, wanted to know why I would have attempted this since I cannot back worth a darn.

    Your church camp seems a bit strange, more so than that Ikea store. As for the tiny apartments they design at Ikea, I love them, having lived in a tiny apartment in SF for 15 months.

  9. Impulsive Addict

    I loved going to Ikea. It is a freakin’ maze! I only purchased one thing while I was there. But I have friends who have decorated their whole house in Ikea.

    Ok…so M totally backs his truck in at the XTO/Exxon office. So does EVERYBODY there. Even the girls! I don’t really understand it at all.

    I’m so glad you resisted the temptation to down the alcohol. Church camp has been good for you.

  10. EG Wow

    I’m familiar with IKEA Church. There are four within the invisible line that’s called the Golden Horseshoe (the area around Toronto). IKEA must hold their most inspirational services on Saturday because their parking lots are always crowded on that day.

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