Simon Malls Withdraws Proposal to Put an Outlet Mall on Turkey Mountain

Wagon Wheel Lake

Wagon Wheel Lake on Turkey Mountain

Great news for those of us who love Turkey Mountain. The City of Tulsa announced that Simon Property Group has formally withdrawn their proposal to build an outlet mall on Turkey Mountain and will pursue building the shopping center in the Tulsa suburb of Jenks. I love that Simon came to their senses. Building a shopping center on the mountain was a very stupid idea for a bunch of reasons. Kudos to a lot of people and organizations and especially the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition for getting this stopped. It is not often in Oklahoma that the people step up and say no to big business on something dumb like this. Their efforts got a lot more people into the park which made things kind of crowded sometime but I think people realized what a treasure we whad.

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10 thoughts on “Simon Malls Withdraws Proposal to Put an Outlet Mall on Turkey Mountain

  1. Driller's Place

    Congratulations to those who fought the good fight. I hope that Turkey Mountain will remain an urban wilderness. There will be those who will want to landscape everything, install soccer fields, paved bike and walking trails, and make the site more “user friendly”. A wilderness park is not meant to be user friendly to everyone. It is meant to be a place to experience the real outdoors. Again congratulations to all that helped keep Turkey Mountain a unique outdoor experience.

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