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Saturday Catching Up

A lot has been going on lately and I need to tell you about it.


My beautiful wife Heather has become certified as a Zumba instructor and is now teaching classes at our gym.  Check this link if you want to see a video demonstration of Zumba. (I am not embedding the video because so many of them have the auto start enabled which is annoying.) Anyways she works hard coming up with routines to make the class interesting for the customers. She is having a lot of fun at it.


Son Logan just finished his Junior year at his new school. He did very well. As you may recall he has Asperger’s Syndrome and had been in a special needs school since second grade. This year he switched over to a college prep Christian School. The academic load zoomed up off the chart over what he was exposed to before and he responded well and has made all A’s and B’s. He has worked his butt off to do that and has learned a lot about academics.  Heather learned American Sign Language and I got a pretty good refresher in Geometry and Biology. Geometry has changed much in the last 44 years but Biology has zoomed forward a bunch.

I had to bite my tongue in biology on the whole Creation Science vs Evolution thing, because it is a Christian school,  and I told him before he got into it that his Dad was a Christian and also a die hard evolutionist and further I didn’t see any contradiction between the two. I also told him that he was old enough to decide for himself what he wanted to believe. Hopefully I haven’t scarred the poor child or caused him to get a bad grade. I have a feeling that I may have made it on a few prayer lists as well. No harm in that though.


And let me see, in my new job as Director of Project Development I actually had somebody call up and offer me a ticket to the Big 12 Conference Baseball Championship here in Tulsa that past week. After spending 21 year entertaining and hustling drinks for other people it felt strange to be on the other side again but I made the most of it. We sat behind a scouting team from the Baltimore Orioles. They had radar guns, complicated charts and nice haircuts. The guy on the far right had a big old giant World Series ring on his finger also. I don’t know who he is but when he stood up I could see that he was big, real big. It was all very cool. And you know something college baseball is good although I still don’t like the “ping” of the bats instead of crack of a wood bad. But hey, I’ll get over it.


And last Sunday Heather and I went to the Hopjam festival sponsored by Hanson. It was great. Great music and great beer. What a combination.

Also, we are fixing to (as we say in Oklahoma) on our family vacation. All you burglars out there don’t get too excited because we have a full time house/pet sitter.  I’m going to be taking a digital break so I won’t be posting for about a week and a half probably starting late next week. I’m a host of the Skywatch Friday meme that comes out on Thursdays and I have already prepared the next two week’s posts. I hope that I didn’t screw up the linky’s or the posts or anything because there won’t be much I can do it about it.

Anyway, what is new with you?

Another Snow Day

Well, it is another snow day but at least it is melting today and the roads are clearing up.

#Celebrate #ReThinkChurch #Lent

It is time to celebrate!! This day after day of relentless dreary weather is about to kill me. Everything is dripping outside and the roads are melting and hopefully we can get down to the business of Spring soon. March is a transition month in Oklahoma. In like a lion out like a lamb they say. I’ve heard people from Nebraska say the same thing. I’m in Oklahoma though. The celebrate photograph has to do with an Instagram meme sponsored by rethinkchurch.org. If one wants to participate  in it then they have a different tag for each of the 40 days of lent.  Lent is not something that I grew up with and I have never seen the sense of doing without something. I respect that other people do various things for Lent and I am not criticizing or questioning what they do at all. I’m just talking for myself. So this is the first thing I’ve ever done for Lent. I thought a Garth Brooks concert is a good way to celebrate. What about you, what do you do for Lent?


So son and I went to the gym today and ran around the inside track. It is about 11 laps to the mile and I did four miles. So, I might have got a little dizzy. Usually I run on the treadmill but he wanted to run the track so I ran it also. I didn’t run with him but we saw each other quite a bit. He is still learning how to use a gym and needed a little refresher on gym etiquette especially the track. Stay in one lane and stay on the inside lane if you are walking and look behind you before switching lanes. He is getting it okay. There are still some gym newbies who still don’t get it. What do you think, should I give them a little refresher also? I wonder what kind of refresher I need? I have no doubt that I’m irritating somebody. Not hard to do is it?



So today except for the gym we are staying inside. All homework that son didn’t do yesterday, he is doing today. He has gotten to the point where he is needing his Dad less and less for his homework. That is a good thing. I’m still pretty sharp in math but believe it or not folks Biology has changed in the 43 years since I took it. It is fun looking at all the things that are new or are further developed. He is going to a Christian school and my fear was that would teach  the ill named creation science. So far no whiff of it and they are plowing right through the whole genetics and DNA thing but no whiff of evolution or Charles Darwin either.


Archive shot of me reading my Kindle with my favorite reading companion Chrissy who has been gone for about a year or so. RIP Chrissy, I still miss you.


I’ve gotten a lot of reading in this weekend. I am reading three books on my old school Kindle right now, Blue Highways by William Heat Least-Moon, The Magicians by Lev Grossman, and Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett. I read about 5% of a book, until it gets to a new chapter, and then switch. Around and around I go. It is kind of fun but I am almost sick of reading. Almost. I’ve been sick of television for some time so unless it is something special like Downton Abby or if I am in the house by myself so I can watch Breaking Bad on Netflix I just ignore the television. Except for the local news. I love the local news. I hate the national news. Not just Faux News but everybody’s. They all try to dramatize things and it just makes me anxious.

I’m anxious enough. The price of oil and gas has plunged and the energy companies have been letting lots of people go. We’ll have to see where that goes.

What about you? Do you like the national news.