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Our World – Beaching Good Times

Heather and I are on vacation this week. We are down in Orange Beach on the Alabama Gulf Coast. It’s our happy place.

Here’s my bride during our bicycling adventure at Gulf State Park. We rode 16 miles and it was great. Hardly any other people and some great trails.

It has three really nice lakes with marshes and it is incredibly gorgeous.

It’s also a great alligator habitat. We saw this momma and two babies chilling out by the trail. There are also “several” types of venomous snakes according to Park. Two years ago I went geocaching at the park while wife and son went parasailing. I had a great time but my head was on a swivel looking around.

We are right next to a beach bar. No bull, they had a rodeo last weekend. The condo was full of cowboys. They are the most polite people you will ever meet. They also like to party hard.

Saturday the beach was hopping between the cowboys with their hats on in the water and a bunch of happy, good natured people celebrating their football teams, LSU and Alabama seemed to be the most popular and playing incredibly loud tunes on their speakers that they actually rolled out across the beach on wheels. They also were celebrating their favorite presidential candidate.

Sunday, we basically had the place to ourselves. The cowboys went on to their next rodeo and the partiers went back to work and school.

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Foto Friday Fun – Bull Riding the PBR Way


Well the number for Foto Friday Fun this week is 6387 and so this fuzzy pic of a bull and rider comes up. It was from a Professional Bull Riding event here in Tulsa a few years ago. Logan and I had free tickets and so we went. The PBR is not like like your local rodeo. This is like Bull Riding on steroids. Unlike the local rodeos, in the PBR, the riders don’t get much announcer love, especially if they couldn’t finish the ride and if they don’t speak English. I thought the whole thing was a little mean spirited.

Anyways that is my Foto Friday Fun pic for this week.

Foto Fun Friday