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Foto Friday Fun – Logan Getting a Shock


Logan, a few years ago, about to test himself in an arcade game where you see how long you can stand a little tickle of electricity. I don’t know how long he took it but he is a tough guy. He considerably bigger now.

I’m linking with Foto Friday Fun  by Gaelyn, my favorite seasonal Park Ranger. Go check it out. A number is given every week and then you search your photo archives to find a photo with the same number. I cheated this week because I didn’t like the results of the number I was supposed to use.

I cheat a lot, especially on blog memes. Does that bother you?

Foto Friday Fun – Bull Riding the PBR Way


Well the number for Foto Friday Fun this week is 6387 and so this fuzzy pic of a bull and rider comes up. It was from a Professional Bull Riding event here in Tulsa a few years ago. Logan and I had free tickets and so we went. The PBR is not like like your local rodeo. This is like Bull Riding on steroids. Unlike the local rodeos, in the PBR, the riders don’t get much announcer love, especially if they couldn’t finish the ride and if they don’t speak English. I thought the whole thing was a little mean spirited.

Anyways that is my Foto Friday Fun pic for this week.

Foto Fun Friday

Foto Fun Friday – Sting Edition


This week’s number was 1414 and what came up for me was Sting. Heather and I found him in concert at an Indian casino in southern Oklahoma just north of Dallas. I took my good camera to the concert and endured numerous finger waving ushers to put my camera away. You kidding me dude, you charge this much for tickets, and no pictures. No way Ray!!

I put together a blog post and I got a tweet from Sting’s tour that they liked it and another tweet from the tribe that owned the casino that they liked my post also. So…. I’ll keep taking pics at concerts. I mean they are selling music not photos right!! Plus we had cocktails with Sting’s keyboard player David Sancious. He is a very nice and gracious guy who got his start in Bruce Springsteen’s E street band. This year he toured with Peter Gabriel in Europe and is now touring with Sting and Paul Simon on their tour “On Stage Together.” We spent a lot of time talking with Mr. Sancious  and I had my camera and I was not going to ask him for a photo. Sorry, it didn’t feel right.

Foto Friday Fun

Foto Friday Fun #8177 or close to it anyway

Blogfriend Gaelyn, Park Service Ranger, at the north rim of the Grand Canyon, and of Geogypsy, one of my favorite blogs, has had a long running feature on Fridays called “Foto Friday Fun” where her readers give her a random number and she posts from her archives that have that number. She is expanding it to a new meme where others can participate by searching their archives for a given number. She started off this week with 8177.


Well it turns out I didn’t have a single 8177 so I’m cheating with 177. This is a picture of Logan at Legoworld in southern California. He is a big Lego fan and this was a fun trip for everybody. Our Legoland adventure was fodder for several posts including this one.

The number for next week is 7777

Foto Fun Friday