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Scanning Away

So I have been scanning old photos again. I have a photo scanner that makes the front end go lots faster than trying to do with a flat bed scanner.

I made friends with the three women in background. Don’t remember their names any longer!

When I was a sophomore in high school in Albuquerque I went on a two week trip to Mexico City. It was a big adventure. Several busloads of my fellow students rode busses to El Paso where we switched over to Mexican busses and then rode pretty much non-stop all the way to Mexico City.

Monument at Chapultapec Park in remembrance of the Ninos Heroes who died defending their country against the United States invasion during the Mexican American War. I respect anybody who dies for their country.

That was back before the drug dealers ran things and we went all over town, riding the subways and busses and didn’t give a thought in the world to our safety. Being a parent now though I realize why the teachers and chaperones were in a bad mood the whole time.

One of the Pyramics at the Aztec site at Teotihuacan

Got to see a lot!!


And I found this photo of my mother from the late 70’s. She was a lot younger then than what I am now!! She’s been gone a number of years. I miss her every day.

I hadn’t gone through this particular album in probably over a decade. I scanned the photos I wanted and threw the rest away including the album. Part of our continuing decluttering process. I got them all tagged up on the cloud if I ever need them. I love looking at old photos.