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Front Moving Through

Yesterday it was 104F but later in the day clouds started forming up and about a half hour before sunset they were looking dramatic. So I got the drone ready and synched it with my phone and went outside about the time a huge gust of wind came through. I’m glad I didn’t have my little lightweight drone in the air cuz it would have been headed to the land of Oz.

So I brought it back inside and took a photo of the clouds from the ground and yep they looked great.

Rain to the West

A little while later the winds subsided some so I launched the drone from my back yard. I could only get about 30 meters in the air before it started barking at me to lower it or I would lose it. So most of these shots are at about 25 to 27 meters off the ground.

Rain to the North

There were several rain fronts that moved the area last night. We got no rain at the house.

Rain to the East.

But hey I got to take some photos. We had some drizzly rain Wednesday most of the day. That’s fine with me. A little bit of drizzly rain seems to be better than hours of running of running the sprinkler sysetem.

My friend, and former coworker, Josh, sent me this photo from the Bakken Field of North Dakota of a drilling rig set up in a corn field. Yep, they are still drilling up there. See all the trailers and such. There are all sorts of people involved in drilling a well. Most of the time they will drill at least four wells from one location.

That’s it for this week. I’m linking with Skywatch Friday, go check it out!