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Our World – A Walk on the River


A couple weeks ago me, son Logan, sister Ellen, her husband Irv, and their grandson Mr. Beans all met up in Idaho Falls to see dad and just kind of get together. We all except for dad decided to go for a walk on Idaho Fall’s greenbelt adjacent to the Snake River. Above, left to right is Logan, Irv, and Mr. Beans.


There’s Ellen sandwiched between Irv and Mr. Beans. The greenbelt has lots of places to sit and rest. We took advantage of most of them.


The Snake River is rather pretty as it goes through the greenbelt.


In addition to the benches there are lots of places for photo ops. We liked this two tone vegetative Elk.


Me and the kid. Do you like my high spf hat? I had a dermatologist take a divot out of my forehead earlier this year. I’m trying to prevent any more of those.


And here are the Falls. They are very pretty and make a pleasing noise as the water goes over them. A fun fact is that not all of the water goes over the the falls. The City of Idaho Falls has had low head electric generators on the river since 1900 and presently the city gets about 30% of its electrical requirements from these generators.

At the top middle of the photograph you can see the Idaho Falls LDS (Mormon) Temple.


I am not Mormon but I think it is a beautiful building well situated.

So, have you taken any family walks along a river lately?

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