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Yogi Takez an Art Clazz

Friday night Heather and I met with our friends Jim and Leanna for dinner and drinks. Afterward we headed over to Pinot’z Palette on the Jenkz Riverwalk for an “Art and Wine” clazz.

My art needz a little polishing up. To the best of my recollection my last art clazz was in 6th grade at Harding Elementary School in Price, Utah which was not too long ago. I mean 1966 is just like yesterday, right. I think one should take a refresher course every 50 yearz to keep their Art Skillz sharp. UntitledAnywayz (I’m liking the z’s instead of s’s at the end of wordz right now. That’z allowable in Oklahoma if you are good at football. I’m not good football but I wish I waz.) This waz almost easier than paint by numberz. The instructor got up on a pedestal and basically told uz what to do every step of the way and they had already pencil sketched the owl shape we were working on that night.

It waz fun! We got to wear apronz so we didn’t have to be too neat. We mixed colorz and used three different brushez and even used the butt end of jthe brushez a little bit. They had wine available and we indulged and everybody had a great time and the resultz were good.


So here are Heather and I (yez, I am smiling so shut up). I tried my best to make my owl not so feminine. And I wanted pluz sized eyez and a big beak. You know, not az big az mine but bigger than most.


And here iz Jim and Leanna with their work. You can tell they both have true artistic tempermentz.

Anywayz, I think I’ll be having another session before another fifty yearz come. And I’m done with z thing at the end of wordz. I am not sure what why started but it iz irritiating the bejeeberz out  of me, and I’m sure you but once I the idea popped into my head halfway through writing thiz, I just had to do it.