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Oklahoma State One Act Play Championship

_DSC0152Last Thursday Logan got on a bus with about four dozen other kids and a few adults and headed to the Oklahoma City suburb of Mustang. The kids were competing for the State Championship One Act Play Competition.


The young men and women were amazing when the U-Haul with props showed up including the very important tree. They just jumped in there and unloaded everything like they knew what they were doing. 


Then it was time to check out the stage and do a fast run through to get a feel for the size of the stage. The lighting, sound, and spotlight crew got familiar with everything also.


And then it was one of those moments. A Christian school working in a public school. The Director of the play offered up a prayer for the event.

UntitledThe next morning it was time to put on the costumes and makeup at the hotel. Heather did it for Logan.


And here we are, Logan playing Baloo the Bear in Just So, Mr. Kipling by Lisa Nanni-Messegee.

Just So Mr. Kipling

Sorry my pics are not very good. I am in the process of getting permission from one of the Mom’s who took great photos of the performance and I’ll add them if and when that happens.

And then the performance started. All the young men and women did great. Their hard work had really paid off. 

 Just So Mr. Kipling

They give you 45 minutes to complete the performance. We finished in 44 minutes and 56 seconds. So they didn’t waste anything.

Just So Mr. Kipling

I am strange, I love watching the chaos that ensues when a group of people decide to get a group picture. I love how everybody kind of sorts themelves out.

There were eight other schools performing that day and Logan’s school took second place. I watched about half of the other performances by the other schools and I was quite impressed. I hear garbage every now and then about how today’s kids don’t know how to work and don’t care. I’ll tell you that last Friday there were lots of kids from nine schools who know how to work and care a lot.

Just So Mr. Kipling

Okay, they finally go their act together. A fine group of people these are. There were about fifty involved. Not just the actors and actresses but the stage managers and assistants, stage hands, makeup buffaloes, sound guy, lights girl, spotlight girls, and all sorts of others. All working together.

Just So Mr. Kipling

Hey we got to get a senior picture. Yeah!

 Just So Mr. Kipling

For the parents its the face of their happy child that makes them tear up.

Well done guys and gals!

Metro Christian Academy’s Production of Guys and Dolls


Logan’s school put on a production of Guys and Dolls this past weekend.


Son Logan had a small part and even the guys with the small part have to get makeup.


Complete with the head tilted up and down and side to side. No complaining either. Or rather you can go ahead and complain but nobody is listening to you.


And then Mom ties your tie and makes sure that your shirt is tucked in.


It’s showtime!!


Your time on the stage kid!


And then the girls in the 1940’s style dresses show up and steal it away from you. That’s life kid.


And then we get more girls.


And then we get the Salvation Army. This is a Christian School production after all.


And then the guys come out. You know how guys are, sinning one minute.

Guys and Dolls 4

Singing in church the next.

Guys and Dolls 6

And then we get the dancing girls with the twirly dresses. There was a whole stage of them. Too many heads showed up on the photo so I cropped all but this one girl out. You get the idea. The dresses were sewn by the moms supervised by one who had a mathematical background who figured out a precise pattern for each girl (no I am not kidding.) You can tell she had the right equations.  Pretty amazing the moms in this show. Without them, not much would have happened.

Guys and Dolls 8

The kids gave it their all. They worked hard for weeks, and so did the moms and the teachers. It was exhausting.

Guys and Dolls - Hot Box Girls 1

The result was great.


Here is our gentle giant of a sun next to his Nana and Mom. Doesn’t he look great in a double breasted suit?


And then on to the afterparty, food, soft drinks, and a swimming pool. Nothing better than that for teenagers. A nice big firepit for making smores and then a big downpour showed up putting a damper on the smores until one of them grabbed a big table umbrella. That’s problem solving I think. What do you think.

They’ll be talking about this production for years.