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Spring Choral Concert

The clock continues to tick on Logan’s time in High School until he graduates. Tick, tick, tick. It is getting louder and louder for both him and his parents.


Tuesday night a few more ticks went by. His school had their Spring Choir Concert. Choir is a class and this concert is their final. How is that for getting the kids to show up. It was all good though. The kids did great.


The Senior and Middle School both participated in this concert and it featured a varied selection of music from Hymns to Musical tunes to more modern music by Billy Joel and Elvis Presley or like the opera.


Logan didn’t have any solos or anything, he just sang and that is what he loves doing. Standing on the risers for such a long time was kind of hard on him. I don’t know how people do it actually.


The teacher put everybody through their paces and there was lots of singing for everybody.


The Middle School ladies did a great job with “You’re Going to Miss Me” otherwise known as “The Cup Song.”

At the end they had the parents of the seniors go up on the stage while the Benediction was sung. (This is a Christian School so of course there was a prayer before the performance began.) I appreciated the benediction but I hate being up on stage. With the lights it is so disconcerting. Logan loves the stage. He didn’t get that DNA from me. I am perfectly happy being in the audience, in the shadows.

It was a great seeing the kids performing and showing off their talent and not plugged into their so called “devices.”

So I continue to be an infrequent blogger and a lousy blogger friend. Sorry but we are counting down until Graduation and things are not going to change very much until then.

Prom 2016 in the Books


Logan’s school had their prom Saturday night. He wore his late grandfather’s tux complete with vest and tie. The trousers fit pretty good after the alterations, the jacket and vest were fine.


The kid is so danged tall that Heather almost needed a step ladder to get all the motherly primping done. He cleaned up pretty well.


I thought he stood out in the crowd. (Sorry I couldn’t resist). The school arranged for an outdoor event center for photographs. You know for some reason they don’t invite parents to the proms. We had a good time with the kids at the pre-event.


The kid with his nervous and proud mother.


And with a friend.


Did I tell you that I thought he was the handsomest guy there?


And a few more friends.


And another. All the young gentlemen looked and acted the part.


Here he is with a childhood friend. They went to early grade school together and then ran into each other again when Logan started this high school. Tulsa is the biggest small town I’ve ever seen.


And then a call for the young ladies. They were all beautiful in the elegant dresses.


And then the ladies and the guys.


And then the guys, and it kind of went downhill from there. Just kidding, they were a spirited but fun bunch.


And then on the way to the prom we stopped at his grandmother’s house for yet another photo op. These two have a special bond. He was proud to wear his grandfather’s tuxedo and she loved seeing Logan wear it.

And that is where the photos end. We dropped him off and then went back to give him his change of clothes for the after prom and then picked him up after that. I was proud to be chauffeur for the evening.

Logan in Footloose


Logan’s school put on another musical this year, Footloose about a small town in Oklahoma that bans dancing in the city limits and the kids fight city hall and win. It is based on actual events in Elmore City, Oklahoma in 1980. Read about it here.


Logan as a parishoner during a sermon. The beige and beige on beige look was what I had in the 80’s until I met Heather and she introduced me to color.

Logan had a small part but he worked hard at it. So did his mother from shopping at Goodwill for 1980’s era clothes (why didn’t she check my closet?) to being at almost all the rehearsals and all the performances.


He is a town council member here. He “forgot” to tuck his shirt in before going onstage. I thought Heather was going to have a coronary. She texted him to tuck his pants in before he came back out. Yeah for cell phones. Of course playing on it may have caused the problem in the first place.

The teacher that directs the kids is very demanding but has a big heart. The kids really respond. This production had kids down to sixth grade participating.


Logan had a small part and he made the most of it and gave it is all.


Those of us who are parents know what it is like when you see your kid doing something and enjoying it.


This is his air guitar technique. We hadn’t seen that before.

This is his last high school production so we’ll see what the future holds for Logan. Will he be in any more productions? If he wants to hard enough he will.


But I will worry about that later, right now I’m enjoying his joy on the stage.


It was fun!

Oklahoma State One Act Play Championship

_DSC0152Last Thursday Logan got on a bus with about four dozen other kids and a few adults and headed to the Oklahoma City suburb of Mustang. The kids were competing for the State Championship One Act Play Competition.


The young men and women were amazing when the U-Haul with props showed up including the very important tree. They just jumped in there and unloaded everything like they knew what they were doing.


Then it was time to check out the stage and do a fast run through to get a feel for the size of the stage. The lighting, sound, and spotlight crew got familiar with everything also.


And then it was one of those moments. A Christian school working in a public school. The Director of the play offered up a prayer for the event.

UntitledThe next morning it was time to put on the costumes and makeup (see this page) at the hotel. Heather did it for Logan.


And here we are, Logan playing Baloo the Bear in Just So, Mr. Kipling by Lisa Nanni-Messegee.

Just So Mr. Kipling

Sorry my pics are not very good. I am in the process of getting permission from one of the Mom’s who took great photos of the performance and I’ll add them if and when that happens.

And then the performance started. All the young men and women did great. Their hard work had really paid off.

 Just So Mr. Kipling

They give you 45 minutes to complete the performance. We finished in 44 minutes and 56 seconds. So they didn’t waste anything.

Just So Mr. Kipling

I am strange, I love watching the chaos that ensues when a group of people decide to get a group picture. I love how everybody kind of sorts themelves out.

There were eight other schools performing that day and Logan’s school took second place. I watched about half of the other performances by the other schools and I was quite impressed. I hear garbage every now and then about how today’s kids don’t know how to work and don’t care. I’ll tell you that last Friday there were lots of kids from nine schools who know how to work and care a lot.

Just So Mr. Kipling

Okay, they finally go their act together. A fine group of people these are. There were about fifty involved. Not just the actors and actresses but the stage managers and assistants, stage hands, makeup buffaloes, sound guy, lights girl, spotlight girls, and all sorts of others. All working together.

Just So Mr. Kipling

Hey we got to get a senior picture. Yeah!

Just So Mr. Kipling

For the parents its the face of their happy child that makes them tear up.

Well done guys and gals!

Friday Night Lights – Oklahoma High School Football & Homecoming

Friday we all loaded up to go watch the Metro Christian Academy vs Poteau High School Football Game. Logan is in the Metro Choir and they were singing the Star Spangled Banner before the game.


The booster club was grilling food for sale. Is talking on the phone while grilling lawful?  _DSC0693

The Zebras were keeping to themselves. Nobody has any love for these guys.


The latest fashions were on display. No joke, the young guys at the office were checking out web pages trying to buy pants similar to these.  _DSC0711

The Choir gathered out on the field to get instructions and warm up. I think here they are playing the game of “Everybody look all different directions.” Or so it seems to me.


The photographer was out doing his thing while I was doing my thing and we got each other.  Metro Cheerleader Collage

The cheerleaders were warming up. A big difference between cheerleaders today and way back about 40 some years ago is the athleticism of the cheerleaders. They were doing front flips and back flips and hoisting each other in the air.  They are athletes themselves.  The cheerleaders way back when were just as pretty but not as athletic. Or you know, maybe they were and just didn’t display it for everybody. These girls were amazing.


Metro’s team got in their big inflatable helmet. I don’t blame them, that is where the cheerleaders were. _DSC0725And then the coin toss and shaking hands and all that. _DSC0728The Metro team captains ran back to the cheerleaders helmet and then the gun sounded and they all ran out. _DSC0720

Poteau is a small town in eastern Oklahoma. I think they suited everybody in town up for the game.


The Choir sang the National Anthem, and a prayer was said. (Don’t worry, totally legal. Metro is a private Christian school and the game was on their property.) As far as I know, nobody from Poteau minded.

_DSC0732And then the game started. It was a good game. Both teams are very good and you could tell they are well coached. _DSC0740The modern game with its spread offense, quick release passing, and no huddles is really exciting but very demanding of the players.

_DSC0750One difference between then and now is the how the plays are transmitted to the players. The plays are signaled in from the sidelines. The three players and coach in the foreground send an elaborate set of signals. And everybody on the team watches. _DSC0748Poteau had a little bit different system involving three posters with colors, symbols, and numbers.

_DSC0753At halftime the Metro band got out on the field. They didn’t get to do much marching. Their function that night was to provide music for the presentation of the homecoming king and queen and attendants. Homecoming CollageThe presentation was pretty cool; they introduced the kids and gave a little bit of information about them including where they went to church, their school activities and such. Their parents accompanied them out on the field and I thought that was a great idea. The parents should receive as much recognition a their children.  I noticed that the mothers of both the boys and the girls were beaming and proud. The dad’s well, I’m sure they were proud to but they just wanted to get it over with. _DSC0765

And then the Pride of Poteau Marching Band came out and gave quite a show. That is another difference between way back when and now. The marching routines are much more complex. The Metro crowd was very appreciative of the show.

So, all in all it was a great evening. I have to confess though. We left after halftime. It was kind of cold there. Poteau ended up winning in double overtime 42-41.

New School for Logan this Year


Young Logan has started a new school this year and so far everything is going great!! He has been going a week and a half now and he seems to really like it.  He is taking some tough classes like Biology, Geometry, and Sign Language.

Mud Night at #metrochristianacademy #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok fun fun fun! #snapseed

The school really makes an effort to make everyone feel welcome with several events such as as “Mud Night” which fortunately was more grassy than muddy but was still a lot of fun for everybody. The kids certainly got into it. We are so proud of Logan, despite not knowing anybody he went to the first dance and the mud night and had fun.  We are also proud of the other kids. Some of them are really making an effort to include him in what is going on and making sure he has somebody to sit with at lunch.

It is not a special needs school but they do have a program where they make accommodations and support for the kids that need it. We are very impressed with what has happened so far and are hopeful for the future.

Logan - chapel day

His old school served him well for years. He started out in public school and despite the efforts of his classroom teachers who put their heart and soul into their kids, the administration refused to provide the help he needed. We went to another school and it was a lifesaver. They gave him a voice (maybe too much of a voice!) and self confidence and he blossomed. We felt the need to change to a college prep school and encouraged by his speech therapist and an occupational therapist we started the search. Heather did all the work and it was a God thing, a door suddenly opened and we found a great situation. We know the going is going to be a lot tougher but we think he is up to it.

Further reports coming as things develop.