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Droning On and On

I finally got my drone. It is just a toy. So sorry, no HD camera to peek into your window or hellfire missiles to mess up your terrorist plots.


Just something that goes bzzzzzzz and so far is beyond my capability to control. I am going to have to go to a bigger space so I don’t have to worry about it crashing into my neighbor’s yard.


The main issue is that the instructions are incomprehensible. It is like it was written in one language and translated and retranslated into a few more languages to where the end result is incomprehensible.

But have no fear, I’ll figure it out.

I’d love to get a “big drone” one of these days with an HD camera. I’ve seen some incredible footage from the air.

The Drama Club’s Performance of Crazytown

Logan’s school’s Drama Club had their play on Wednesday, Jonathan Rand’s Crazytown. Crazytown is about a city where everything is just plain wrong, and backwards, and doesn’t make sense. Logan was in a couple of segments including the one below where he plays a sportscaster. I listened to him and his mother practice the lines for weeks and it was great to actually see what was going on.

His mother and I are of course very proud of him. He has worked hard at his craft and is much improved in how he moves on stage, using his voice, and realizing that he can fuss and fidget while performing. 

He is switching schools to a much larger private school in the Fall and we hope that he’ll be able to perform in something there.

Logan and the rest of the drama club did very well and the play was well received. They had been practicing for sometime once a week after school and it was great to see it pay off.