My World – Mall Walking

We have had some rainy weather here in Tulsa lately. To get some exercise I like to use sustainable trails but I hate getting wet so I went mall walking. Nothing more sustainable than that.

I love carousels. I’ve been taking photos of this for years.

One thing I noticed is that the mall has gotten rid of a bunch of kiosks. Fine by me. They started appearing back in the 90’s and they transformed the spaces from being light and airy to a feeling of being all closed in. Plus some of the vendors were too aggressive. I hate that. I understand the rents were sky high and they had to get a pay out. Anyway, most of the kiosks are gone and I love it. They do have things on display though. Fine with me. Anybody want a golf cart.

I love how department stores arrange their merchandise. At least the good department stores. I loved this colorful display.

Tesla has a car on display. I love taking photos of Teslas and posting them on car groups on facebook. Most of those people hate Teslas and go on and on about how terrible they are, and I laugh and laugh at them. I don’t have an opinion on Teslas. I am not convinced that I need an electric vehicle yet. I’d sure look into a plug-in hybrid for my next car.

We finally have a lego store!! I love lego stores.

I love fiesta ware also. Great thing about stores is that I can enjoy looking at their products without having to take them home.

I love Psychobunny merchandise. The thing is that it is never on sale. Every once in while I see some of their stuff on steep discount at Nordstrom Rack.

I love Thomas the Tank Engine stuff also. We have a whole bunch up in the attic. When Logan was a little kid he played with it a lot. I played with it a lot more. I’m saving it for my dotage years.

I ended my mall walk in the parking lot. This was parked next to me. I love it.

About an hour, two plus miles, stayed dry. Didn’t buy anything. Nice mall walk. Make fun of me if you want. I don’t care.

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7 thoughts on “My World – Mall Walking

  1. Amy

    yeah I’m not a fan of kiosks, they are very 1970s to me but we still have them in malls here for mostly things like selling cellphone accessories or key cutting etc.

  2. D.

    A mall’s a great place to meet those step goals on a rainy day (or an extremely hot summer day), especially now that some of them have become less crowded. But then there are the ones that have gotten really deserted and eerily quiet. I’m just curious — are the malls that side also getting quieter?

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