Friday Hunt – My Cheating Heart

I’m participating in Eden HIlls “Friday Hunt” this week with my interpretation of the prompts.

Begins with “X”

#gunshaped #barbecue #atoka #oklahoma exercising their #secondamendment #sightsofgeocaching to grill #igersok #myoklahoma

I’m not getting off to a very good spot. Out of almost 60,000 photographs on Flickr I have two that are tagged with something beginning with an X. One is a photo of Heather playing a Xylophone that I have posted several times before and the other is a totally boring photo of my tooth xrays during a visit to the dentist. I did have 62 photos tagged “XPro2” after a photo app that I use only occasionally and I like the photo of the above the best. It is a barbecue pit on the side of a road in southeast Oklahoma. I thought it rather clever. I do feel bad for cheating so badly right out of the gate. But not that badly, that is the nature of being a cheater.

Week’s Favorite


This is a photo of a trail I ran last week on Tulsa’s beloved Turkey Mountain. I love running up there all by myself, in the cold, because there are very few other people there then.

Home Christmas Lights - Impressions - Seurat Afternooon 35 pct

I am cheating again. This is our house, and our lights, but from another year when we had snow. Snow makes lights look better don’t you think. Cheating is okay if it works, right?

So anyways, I hope that I don’t get kicked out of the Friday’s Hunt.  Join in! There is still time this week.

7 thoughts on “Friday Hunt – My Cheating Heart

  1. Ralph

    You won’t get kicked out – we all need to stretch the theme a bit. Authentic low-and-slow BBQ is showing up in New England. That is a sure way to get attention so you can sell more brisket…the path does look desolate, the better to run i peace. Your home is nicely decorated for the season!

  2. pattisj

    All those lights look like a lot of work! Very pretty. Hubby is not an outdoor-lighter-upper. Looks like a great trail! I miss hiking weather, I prefer it a little warmer than it has been. Some alphabet letters leave us grasping for straws, those can be the most fun to see what others come up with.

  3. Claire

    Your week’s favourite photo is a winner – what a beautiful place to run. I would be up there with my camera looking for birds. It is nice that there is no snow up there, since I have snow everywhere right now. It just looks like a peaceful and beautiful spot. The bbq pit is amusing – what a funny design. Your house lights are lovely – I didn’t put up outdoor lights this year, but we are fairly isolated, so nobody will notice!

  4. Eden Hills

    I highly encourage cheating, especially when you are sharing such great images! The lights are very impressive. I can certainly see why you would enjoy that trail. It’s beautiful! Thanks so much for joining in. Have a great week! Only two more weeks of tough letters before it gets easier. 😉

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