Our World – Philbrook Gardens in the Winter

Villa Philbrook - Topaz Glow

Saturday I dropped the kid off for his Comedy Improv Class and headed up to the Philbrook Museum to walk around a little while. It was their free second saturday promotion going on inside so I went outside to the gardens  to get a little air and breathing room. I went to the bottom of the hill and shot back up to Villa Philbrook. I never get tired of the view and in the winter it seems a little crisper even on a cold overcast day.

philbrook tempietto topaz glow

This is the reverse view. I never get tired of the tempietto and its reflection but I pulled back the shot a bunch to take in the patchwork of colors, textures, and patterns.

I just love that place.

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16 thoughts on “Our World – Philbrook Gardens in the Winter

  1. Klara S

    I love the first picture. Somehow reflection of the sky looks more blue then the one above the building. Or is it just a different shade of grey? 🙂

  2. Kay

    How lovely! I’m sure I never knew anything about this beautiful place. Thank you for the introduction.
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