Skywatch Friday – West Bank

River Ampitheater after-Edit.jpgThis is a floating stage on the west bank of the Arkansas River. The stage has not been used in years and is apparently too expensive to dismantle and impossible to move so I guess it will just sit there until a tornado takes it out. Back in the day, a lot of big names played on it Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Leon Russel, and others played on the stage. In the meantime it is biding its time with its memories in a little backwater off the Arkansas River. I don’t know how many dozens of photos I have taken of it, morning, night, noon, all four seasons. I love it.

I’m linking with Skywatch Friday today

15 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – West Bank

  1. Eileen

    Hello, looks like a pretty spot for a concert. Too bad it is not used anymore. Lovely sky and reflection.
    Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead! I wish you all the best in 2017, Happy New Years!

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Beautiful sky. And my gosh, how have I not seen this interesting stage before if you’ve posted it before? Fascinating history — funny some ideas that seem great at the time ….

    Wow. Happy New Year to you and the family. Thank you for SWF — it’s a great gift to all of us.

  3. klara

    wow, that’s a first one for me – a stage on the river. it must have been great to have a concert in such an environment.
    all the best in 2017.

  4. Peter B

    Wow, interesting history and a beautiful photo & sky! With some of those big-name acts having played on this stage, it’s too bad they can’t do something to save it. Happy New Year, and thanks so much for hosting Skywatch!!

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