Our World Tuesday- New Year’s Edition

Harrel 1-Edit-2.jpg

Found me a nice suspension bridge at the nearby Ray Harrel Nature Park. All great nature parks have nice bridges, right?

Harrel 3-Edit.jpg

I love railroad tie retaining walls. The look all old school and woodsy. They end up kind of blending in and becoming part of the landscape.

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14 thoughts on “Our World Tuesday- New Year’s Edition

  1. Al

    I love suspension bridges of all sizes, but especially those you can walk across. It looks like a nice park.

  2. Driller's Place

    The parks and trails around here have gone to the slightly arched, rusty steel bridges. The are handsome structures and require less maintenance than wood, but I think I like the wood better. And yes the old railroad retaining walls give evidence of allowing nature to retake the landscape. Nice images Yogi.

  3. Pat

    I have a long railroad tie retaining wall in my backyard–happily it is in better shape than this very weathered looking one although we did replace a couple ties when we moved into our house.

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