Skywatch Friday – Spring is Coming


We had a penumbral lunar eclipse last week. I have to tell you, I didn’t see much of anything. I’m not much of an astronomer. Sorry. I did get a photo of the moon against a dark blue sky though.


Saturday, the weather was way warm. Son and I went for a hike. We saw several people hanging out on what is normally the Arkansas River bottom. In some cases it is almost like pavement except there are some major cracks big enough to get your foot caught. Bad news if the water is coming up is what I think. A few years ago the river was down even lower and I was able to walk to within thirty feet of the opposite bank.


During our walk I snapped this pic as we were heading back across a bridge. It is a little different view of downtown. I put it up on Instagram I confess, using a filter that I use quite a lot. I reuse photos all the time across social media. My personal experience is that trying to leverage one media to get more viewers on another is self defeating. When I’m on Instagram, that is where I stay for instance. I never “check the bio for a link.” What about you?

And that is about it for this week.

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17 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Spring is Coming

  1. Peter B

    I don’t know the fancy name for that moon, but it’s a great photo! I blog, I post on Facebook, and I post on Flickr, but none are linked or cross-referenced. I often think I SHOULD somehow find a way to link them… Facebook friends are often surprised when I tell them I have a blog. And nobody knows who I am on Flickr!! It’s a mess 🙂

  2. Vicky

    Cool moon shot and I like the Instagram pic too. I haven’t used Instagram to particularly link with my blog, I’m like you, it seems I’m in another mode if I do Instagram, although it’s a bit sporadic!

  3. Divya

    Beautiful picture of the moon.
    I also like the pictures of what used to be the river bottom. It looks very dramatic.

    I rarely click on the links in the bio, when I’m on Instagram. I’m there for the pictures. 🙂

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