Skywatch Friday – Office Window


A view from a window where I work. Every evening before going home I wander to the west side of the floor and see what is happening with the sky and every once in a while it is pretty cool. I took this with my phone and haven’t done a thing to it, not even cropping. ¬†The next day we had the following:


Sorry for the graininess. I like this because it captured the reflection of the sun in the river. It is kind of smoky here because of the range fires and lots of dust kicked up by the winds. We had a little rain last night but not enough.

Unfortunately…. only a few more sunsets from the office left as we spring forward this weekend. I love my job but I’m not sticking around just to look at sunsets. I’ll be catching them from the Arkansas River and Turkey Mountain on my running outings.

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14 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Office Window

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Both beautiful but the second one is really interesting — you actually see the sun, not just it’s glow! Cool. I love DST and I bet you do too – I look forward to sunsets from your mountain runs.

  2. Christina

    I enjoy the sunsets too; and am looking forward to daylight saving time! I’ll look forward to the views you share from your running nights! Happy SkyWatch Friday!

  3. Alana

    Lovely, especially the second one. Looks like the sun is setting directly int the river. It’s pretty nasty out right now where I live, so no way I am watching the sunset outside tonight.

  4. Peter B

    I love these office shots, but ya, I wouldn’t stick around either if I didn’t have to!! Beautiful sky shots. Enjoy your weekend!

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