Skywatch Friday – Fitter and Fatter in 2018 Edition

Turnpike Bridge-Edit - Topaz Studio

This is part of the Liberty trail, paralleling the Creek Turnpike for miles and miles.

It has been hot and humid here lately. Since I quit running I’ve been trying to replace the calories I spent in running with other things like bicycling. I love biking but it burns a fraction of the calories that running does for a given amount of time. I’ve been also taking stand up paddleboard classes and weight lifting classes. So far it is not working too well. Oh I am getting stronger alright and more fit but fatter as well by a slow an inexorable amount. I am thinking that I might have to start the most  effective exercise of all.

Bicycle Topaz Studio 43171936422_6651203752_o-Edit

We are getting rain and lots of sun, so everything is still lush.

Pushaways, you know where you push away from the table and eat less. Eating less is the most effective weight loss tool there is. Running only burns about 150 calories per mile or the calories in one slice of cheese or one beer. I’m trying to prove the first doctor I went to see wrong. She said, you know, for you, weight loss is an option. I’ve seen a million of you guys. You get injured, you quit running, and then get really fat, and can’t do anything. Believe or not, I loved it. I didn’t love it so much that I went back for more abuse (that I paid her for). I  got another doctor. He told me my “tread was think.” So I just quit running. I walk, bike, elliptical machines, weight lifting classes, and walk a lot.


I rode by this freshly mowed pasture, where often I see horses and I got a bad allergy attack. Everything was hurting especially my eyes. So I turned around and went back home. Everything turned out okay. Strange.

Biking has turned into my first love though. I love exploring and going different places and taking pictures.

How about you? What is going on with you?

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17 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Fitter and Fatter in 2018 Edition

  1. Driller's Place

    I’m thinking that biking might be in my future. There are a myriad of trails and one can actually ride from Bella Vista to Fayetteville using only the trail system.

  2. Sallie

    Beautiful skies. Im quite sure you put most everybody to shame in the fitness game. Standup paddle board lessons….really??? Thanks for hosting and for stopping that bike often enough to take beautiful pictures.

  3. Geraldine

    Your photos are amazing! Love the one with the bike. You are a talented photographer, these are exceptional. Glad I stopped in. Happy Summer!!!

  4. Peter B

    Really beautiful skies! Love that second shot of the lone bike on the trail. It looks impatient to take off! So, for every mile I run, I can drink a beer? Not a bad trade off, but then you’re just replacing calories quickly. I agree with you… pushaway exercises being the most efficient. It’s really very difficult to maintain your ideal weight, and seems to get harder the older I get!!

  5. Gaelyn

    I admire your tenacity at exercise. I hadn’t gained since high school, but this winter put on 30 pounds. I really need to get and walk more. Nice skies.

  6. Alana

    Yes, alas, the pushaway exercise and the “substituting of various foods for various others”. Additionally, the best thing that ever happened was menus listing the calories in each entre and side, if you eat out a lot. I really do pay attention to those! I didn’t even run but, when I depended on exercise alone for weight control, an injury meant an instant 10 pound weight gain. Not good. But I did enjoy the pasture shot.

  7. Linja

    Nothing works for me. I’ve tried pushing myself away from the table but somehow every time I open the fridge, some chocolate jumps out and lands in my hand!

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