Skywatch Friday – A Hike to Taggert Lake

Taggert Lake (2 of 5)

Still another outing with my sister, Ellen, a seasonal Park Ranger at Yellowstone National Park. This time we went to Grand Tetons National Park south of Yellowstone Park. This is the same day that we hiked Trout Lake, a hike at Colter Bay and went to Mormon Row that I have posted about previously. 

Taggert Lake (3 of 5)

Taggert Lake is in the foothills of the Tetons and is a very scenic trek and not that long, about 3.5 miles round trip, and not that steep.

Taggert Lake (1 of 5)

We passed Taggert Creek, the outlet of the Lake.

Taggert Lake (4 of 5)

There were several people at the lake when we arrived including some teenagers who were swimming in the ice cold water. More power to them. What would the world be like without teenagers to remind everybody else how old we are. The air was still hazy from the forest fires way to the west but the mountains are still majestic.

Aspen Grove-Edit

Nothing nicer than an aspen grove in my book. I would like to come back when the leaves turn. Which should be relatively soon.

Taggert Lake (5 of 5)

I love these kind of log fences they have in the mountain west. I don’t know what they call them but they are great. Also, to the right, that is my sister. She is a fast hiker and I had to hustle to keep up with her. 

I still have a few more posts of my time with Ellen. I only spent three days with her but we saw lot!!

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16 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – A Hike to Taggert Lake

  1. Driller's Place

    Another stunning set of images. The parks department could use these as recruiting tools. Who wouldn’t want to have access to these views every day. The Taggert Creek and lake images are just splendid. Thank you for sharing these lovely places. Have a blessed week.

  2. Gaelyn

    Sorry the skies were so smokey while you were there, but you still got in some great hikes and took fabulous photos of this gorgeous landscape.

  3. Peter B.

    I’ve said it before, but the Tetons are one of my favorite places. I think the natural beauty of the area is unmatched. You captured some excellent photos, and so cool you get to hike the area with your sister!!

  4. Cathy Kennedy

    Fabulous photos! I’m a bit envious of your trip to see Yellowstone Park. This is definitely a place we hope to visit someday and how cool is it that your sister is a Park Ranger. That’s awesome! Mountain bodies of water are so cool even in the summer in the east, so I can only imagine just how cold the water is in even higher elevations like in the Rockies. I bet it feels like ice! Thank you for spoiling me with wonderful vacation pictures this morning. Have a glorious and blessed weekend, my friend!

  5. Alana

    It’s been so many years since I’ve been to the Grand Tetons – the entire time, the mountains were “cut off” by clouds but we saw such great scenery – your photos did absolute justice – excellent, excellent captures.

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