Skywatch Friday – Another View from the Office

Sunset West February

I know that I repeat myself a lot but this is another view of the Sunset from my office building where I work. Because my employer is renovating my favorite floor to take sunset photos I had to go find another spot on another floor to take the pic. I feel a little funny about it because to minimize internal reflections I close the door and turn off the lights. But hey, I have been doing it on other floors for years. I have to make hay while the sun shines as they say because day light savings time is coming and I am not going to stay another hour at work just to take pictures. That may mean that I am not a dedicated skywatcher, I hope you let me stay.

Come join us at Skywatch Friday

23 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Another View from the Office

  1. Sallie

    Uh — yeah, you can stay no matter what, because without you there is no SWF for the rest of us. Thanks for all you do! (And tanyway, this photo is enough to let you stay even if you never take another sunset picture!) Thanks for making hay while the sun sets!

  2. junieper2/Jesh StG

    Haha, I can just see you turn off the lights, and someone coming through your office door. sorry, my imagination runs away with me here. Do they believe you, you are doing that for a sunset?
    This is a serious sunset! The sky showing off!

  3. A ShutterBug Explores

    Mentioned this before ~ secure this site with https:// ~ message when I come here indicates your site is not secure on blogger ~ check it out please ~ don’t want you to lose your blog on blogger for skyley ^_^

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Alana

    No two sunsets are the same and I repeat myself sometimes, too. We’ll let you stay only if you continue Skywatch Friday, lol.

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